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About this site :

Like many of you, I view Michael Malone as a master storyteller.  He has enthralled so many of us with his stories--be they stories he has told through his novels or through his work in daytime TV.  I went through the links on various sites on authors, and various soap boards, and never came across a site like this one--a site that acknowledges just how much his stories have meant to so many people.  So, I decided to try and do something about that oversight--thus this modest little website.

I am a self admitted novice when it comes to building a website, but I'm learning.  I look forward to adding more to the site as time permits (and as I slowly, but surely, increase my webpage building saavy).  I hope that you'll drop by often.

I couldn't wrap this up without thanking a few people.  So, allow me to do that now...

Snark, thanks for the encouragement, advice, and suggestions.  You've been a big help.
OTWB, thanks for putting me in touch with so many fellow Malone fans.  Your willingness to do so helped me out immensely.
Anna, my "pal", thank you so much for the "cheers", the emails encouraging me to "just do it", and for your friendship.  It means alot.
Timothy Owens, for lending your web expertise, you will always have my gratitude.
And a "thank you" to Michael Malone- for telling such wonderful stories, and for your generosity of time.

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