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Mixed bag of Lochgelly photos

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A brilliant photo of Bella Reid in her Happyland shop at 34 Melville Street in 1961


The Lochgelly Albert Colts under-18 side which carried all before them in the 1994-95 season, winning the Fife Cup and the League Cup as well as finishing League champions. Back row (left to right) John Whitehead, Jason Kemp, Kevin Wilson, Eck Webster, Stuart Gibb, Colin Rushford, David Stean, David Allan, Jimmy Hardie. Front row - Kenny Ingram, Neil Dryburgh, Brian McShane, Mark Reilly, Scott Pithie, Lee Drysdale


Happy families from Prospect Place, an almost forgotten cul-de-sac off  Cartmore Road which was demolished to make way for Wildridge Way. The Muir family dominate the photo but it was Ronnie Hunter (later of Adam Place) who came up with a lot of names. Back row (standing, left to right) Margaret Cox, Helen Kane, William McCulloch, John Muir, Betty Muir, David Muir, Anne Muir, Helen Muir, Ronnie Hunter, Helen Nardone. Middle row (seated) May McCulloch with baby and Eileen Muir with her three children Rena, Tom and Betty. Middle row (standing) Mary Davis, Stewart Davis, Alan Hunter. Front row George Nardone, James Muir jun and John Kane. Background - James Muir sen, Tim Cox sen, Tim Cox jun, blank, blank, Betty Davis.



Trina (Herd) Keany sent me this photo of a gala day parade in the 1950s. Iain Oates and Anne Herd are in the forefront with adult Jane Simpson while Doreen Penman and Mary McGregor are in the row behind.


Annette (Muir) Goodwin sent me this photo of the Lochgelly Schools Gala in 1956. Her sister, Helen Muir, is in the second row on the left.


The Churchmount Church brownie pack on a day trip with leaders Jean Wilson (left) and Helen Thom. Nancy Archibald, Trina Herd, Janette Marnoch and Margaret Niven are in the back row while Sheila Barr and Betty Barnes are in the middle row and Moira Muir is on the far left of the front row. Can anyone identify the others? 


The famous Lochgelly Ladies pipe band are seen in this picture sent in by Alex McLay whose cousin Sheila Timmons adds "Next to my mother, Jean Brunton (nee McLay) on the far right, is Jean Skedd (nee Simpson). At the extreme left of the back row is Jean Malloch (nee Harris) and next to her is Nan McMurray (nee Wylie)." Mona Davidson and Cath Devlin are holding the drumsticks. Jean Currie (nee Rafferty) is sitting next to Cath Devlin but can anyone identify the others?
BELOW - Another excellent picture of Lochgelly's pride and joy, sent in by Jane Davies



Here they are again, the world championship winning Lochgelly Ladies pipe band in this exceptionally clear photograph provided by Sheila Lawson.



Roy Whitehead sent in this picture of White Street with some local  youngsters in 1939. Back row (from left) Irene Robertson, WC (Bill Cargill?), Eck Dunsire, GM, David Dunsire, WM, Willie Leslie, GK (or H or L), Kathy Reid. Middle row - Willie Reid, Alec Sinclair and Andy Dunsire (both sitting), SA, Roy Whitehead, Rae (?) McLean. Front row - BLANK. Jimmy Kinnell, BLANK, Jessie Reid


Scoutmaster John Nisbet pictured with his Lochgelly troop camping at Comrie circa 1950. Bill Beckett picked out himself in the middle row (second left) along with David Cairns and Drew Carstairs. Alec Page is in the front row while on the left in the back row are Bill Paul and Bill Alexander. Can anyone else help with the identity of the others?


Jim King (back row far left) sent me this picture of St Andrews Church cup pack from around 1955. Also in the back row are Jim Nunn and Bob Paxton while Harry Muir is in the middle row. David Lawrie, Peter Reid and Ian Cook are in the front row but anyone able to identify others in the photo can contact me at Lochgelly@btinternet.com 

Lochgelly youngsters march along Main Street in the Victory Parade in 1945

The staff all based at Lochgelly Police Station in 1959


Lochgelly Co-op Board of Management in 1956. Back row: J Butler, T Leitch, W Adamson, R Whitehead, A Geddes. Middle row: R Gilfillan, J Dryburgh, S Miles, S Walkingshaw. Front row: T McLean, Mrs H Thom, D Arthur (President), C McEwan (Managing Secretary), W Cook JP


A photo provided by Roy Whitehead of the Lochcraig Parish Church cub pack taken around 1944. Dan Sutherland has identified the lady as Miss Hart (whose family had a newsagents near the Queens Arms Hotel) and  Dan Sutherland, Norman Crawford, Ian Hogg,  Roy Whitehead, William Beckett. Billy Scott is third from left in the third row. Can anyone name any of the others?

Legendary Lochgelly couple Pete and Maggie Tosh

Isobel Bernard and three of her pals at the Jenny Gray Colliery in the 1930s

My wife Anne Fraser owned Lochgelly Post Ofice for 13 years

The Post Office in Bank Street before it moved in October 2001


Dave Johnstone sent me this 1950 photo (above) of himself and colleagues Jack Dryburgh and George Stewart along with Lochgelly's first mail van. Below - the PO sorting office staff (from left) Alan Wright, Dave Johnstone, John Lee, Harry Farmer, Mary Kane and Tom Laing.


Margaret Parker sent me these photos (above and below) of the office girls at the Co-op Central bakery in 1955 and also supplied most of the names. Above (left to right) Isa Gordon, Edith McPherson, Margaret Forbes, BLANK, Isobel Gilfillan, June Clark, Margaret Dickson, John Campbell and Christine Kidd. Below - May Crowe, Nan McKinlay and May Dean.

Lochgelly is the original Happyland