St Andrews Debating Society (unofficial)

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Introducing the founder members, indeed the only members, of the unofficial St Andrews Debating Society, current holders of several world records.


Pictured here are (from the left) Dave McGregor, Hamish Lumsden, Betty Lumsden and May McGregor - caught on camera during a rare break from their intensive training sessions while attending their annual conference at a secret venue in Zante.
The St Andrews Debating Society, bettter known as the SADS, have spent nearly two decades debating where they should hold their annual conference and the unanimous vote has always favoured the same two rooms at the Pallas Hotel in Laganas.
During the two-week annual conference, numerous daily debates are held to decide where the evening sessions should be held and the Blue Sea restaurant wins every time - but only after a lengthy reading of the Tarot cards and a visit to the wine cellars.
Endless debates are held every day on such serious subjects as which table to sit at breakfast, which sun loungers to choose, where to have lunch, what to eat, when to hire a car, which bus to get to Zante town, where to buy bottled water, etc etc and the record-breaking foursome come to the same conclusions every time every year.
No other debating society can match the SADS for sheer stamina and determination to exhaust every possible avenue before the discussion is eventually ended by the SADS solemn declaration of SALT which, of course,  translates as "Same As Last Time."
In addition to their marathon debating records, the SADS also employ a unique voting system. The male Society members are allowed and indeed encouraged to contribute to the debate but the constitution states that only the women members can vote. Nice move by heid-the-baws B & M.
Despite coming from the "wrong end of the kingdom," fellow Fifers Ian and Anne Fraser have nothing but admiration for the SADS after witnessing their life-changing debates at close quarters for more than a decade.
Ian said "At first we honestly thought they were members of the St Andrews Dramatic Society (still SADS) and just putting on a show for our entertainment us but eventually we realised they were indeed the genuine article. 
"Anne and I once considered applying for honorary membership although we realised we were mere amateurs compared to these masters of the in-depth debating movement. 
"However, we came to the conclusion that the language barrier would be too big a hurdle to overcome as we struggled to come to terms with the pan-loaf accents and cultured tones of our East Neuk acquaintances.
"Baffies, bunkers, guiders, sivers, cairry-cods,
corry-jookit, gutties, puggies, were all greeted like foreign words and they even thought the familiar Cowdengelly expression of surprise "Yahoor" had something to do with the internet.
Worst of all, they were totally ignorant of the role of the pluggy man until it was translated into St Andrews speak as "school attendance officer."
Anyway, the SADS remain the unchallenged drag-on debating champs and it will take something special to put their bums oot the windae. Perhaps only a team with faces like a well-skelped coo's erse could knock them off their stride and go top of the leader board.
Until then, all we can do is raise our glasses to our heroes and propose an appropriate toast "Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose"

The SADS, the FRASERS, and their annual conference hosts the XENOS

SADS members Hamish and Betty debate whether or not to debate