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The Critters Of
The Lion King


Simba's Pride

Allright, if you don't like The Lion King, then you can just hit the little back button here and now and get it over with. On the other hand, if you worship these little animated furballs collectively known as The Critters of the Lion King and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, then you have come to the right place! This page is mostly devoted to the telented voice actors who give the assorted animals their voices. Hope to have more up soon, enjoy!!

Divided into two nifty sections!

Good Critters
Bad Critters
Simba Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Matthew Broderick 
Cam Clarke 
Scar Jeremy Irons
Nala Niketa Calame 
Moira Kelly 
Zira Suzanne Pleshette
Mufasa James Earl Jones Kovu Ryan O'Donahue 
Jason Marsden
Gene Miller 
Kiara Michelle Horn 
Charity Sanoy
Neve Campbell
Liz Callaway 
Vitani Lacey Chabert 
Crysta Macalush
Jennifer Lien
Sarabi Madge Sinclair Nuka Andy Dick
Pumbaa Ernie Sabella Shenzi Whoopi Goldberg
Timon Nathan Lane Banzai Cheech Marin
Rafiki Robert Guillaume Ed Jim Cummings
Zazu Rowan Atkinson 
Edward Hibbert 
Sarafina Zoe Leader

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