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   These are my dogs, starting with my 1st Rat Terrier "Salem", then "Orca" and last but never forgotten "Kandu".


                                              Orcinus Salem 

                                      (Born: April 25, 2000)

                       Sire               Salem6.gif (38557 bytes)               Dam

               barney.jpg (35054 bytes)                                            

      Meadow Springs Barney                  Meadow Springs Marion's Three   



                                                   Orcinus Orca 

                                       (Born: June 26, 2000)

                                                  Mvc-250e.jpg (7728 bytes)

                   Sire                                                                           Dam

             frankie.jpg (25688 bytes)                                                       Amber__Pups.jpg (6531 bytes)

   Meadow Springs Frankie                           Meadow Springs Amber




                                                     Orcinus Kandu 

                                          (Born: March 29, 2001)

                                          Kandu.jpg (5668 bytes)


                    Sire                                                                               Dam

            stormy.jpg (12663 bytes)                                                       

           Tate's Stormy                                          Meadow Springs Tinkerbell