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What Is A Rat Terrier

Description: The Rat Terrier is small, powerful, intelligent, great for sports, utility or companion dog...Very loyal, loving, protective of it's loved ones and possessions, and also a great hunter...When the occasion calls the Rat Terrier is also a comedian...The Rat Terrier is very low maintenance, and once you have one, you just gotta have another one...With lots of praise the Rat Terrier can be trained to do anything, they love to please...

Height:  6 - 18 inches

Weight: 4 - 18 pounds

Colors: Black/White tri,  Red,  Apricot,  Blue/White,  Chocolate,  Tan,  Sable

Coat: Smooth,  Short Hair

Temperament: Semi Active,  Easily Trained,  Sociable,  Loving,  Loyal

With Children: Yes,  Very protective and loving of children it lives with,  is your child's best friend, loves to play catch...

Other Pets: Yes,  If raised with another dog or a cat or any other kind of pet, the Rat Terrier will love and protect...

Life Span: 13 - 18 years

Litter Size: 5 - 7 puppies

Health Issues: Nothing Serious

Class: Terrier

Registries: UKC, UKCI, NRTR