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San Francisco

check out the The Folsom Street Fair

The Golden Gate Bridge

It took us 40 minutes to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. The sun was setting on the right and the city of San Francisco was glowing.

The Globe Hostel - Folsom St, San Francisco

Our second night in the hostel we broke the ice, and two 1150ml bottles of "Cougar" bourbon. This is the night we met Rick and Pommy, who ended up travelling with us to the next two cities, Vegas and San Diego. (Hi guys, hope your having a great time where ever you are) Rick is from Melbourne, Aus and Pommy (Shake the Lettuse) from Cornwall, England.


The place we spent the least time in, our room. Directly below our window was the entrance to an Irish pub. Once again, not much sleep occurred.


Hey guys, someone, Afro Jo - Ireland, Jenny, Kim Chris - Scotland, and Scott (Pommy) - England....

This is a cool picture. We spent 2 hours sitting in the sun watching the buskers downtown, this one in particular. He was tap dancing. He had a small, lightweight wooden floor, tap shoes, a ghetto-blaster and no shirt. I thought he couldn't tap but what did I know, Kim said he was brilliant so up she got after about 5 seconds of convincing.


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