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Farewell Sydney

Boomy, Jenny, Clint, Kim, Ed and Clint's dog Boady

Thursday 13th September

Watching the Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch made it's way through Coogee Beach two days before we left Sydney. What a day. We started our session at midday sitting on the steps of the beach on what seemed like one of the first hot days we'd had. The day was spent lying in the sun enjoying Bicardi Breezers and throwing a football around on the grass. 5pm came around and we headed accross the road to the Coogee Bay Hotel. Ed and Boomy lived behind the hotel so we all headed back there to chill out for a bit. Once we were "chilled" we changed our clothes and went to "The Beach Palace" back down on the beach. Yet another awesome night had by most (sorry Jai).

written by : Jenny

"Phoolsy, Duncan and Adrian, we both miss you all dearly. Hurry up and get your punky asses out of there"

Saturday 16th September - We headed for the airport feeling more miserable and sad than excited.

Kim, Duncs, Timmo, Age, Jai, Dean, Rob, Clint, Phoolsy, Jenny


Kim's Family - Dad, Mum, Kim, Kylie (sis), Karen (cous), Dean, Jaymie-Lee, Josh, Jack


Jenny's Parents - Mum, Jenny and Len

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