The Human and Robot Space Travel Hoaxes 1957- 2024 with H20 (water) on planet Mars three billion years ago and other nonsense, e.g. back to the back of the Moon November 2022

Below I present solid evidence that US human space travel is 64+ years of FAKE NEWS (pure propaganda!)!

It has been bullshit all the time just for our entertainment! I pay you Euro 1M, if you can prove me wrong!

Human space travel in and outside Earth orbits are scientific, engineering manipulations 1957-today.

* All spacecraft trajectories between planets, moons and satellites are invented fantasies including the James Webb Space Telescope 2023.

* It is suggested it takes only ~200 days to go to planet Mars!! Or 117 days to go to planet Venus! And only five days to the Moon 2024! Pure fantasies!

* Like the US military/CIA top secret 1945-today atomic bomb scare and fake, intercontinental nuclear missiles later!

* It is only possible to send spacecrafts and missiles one way into Earth orbits ... and they are all unmanned for obvious reasons as you can never return to Earth!

* Americans believe that human Americans have been in space (and that intercontinental, nuclear missiles work) because they believe what corrupt politicians tell them and media publish as Fake News.

* It is like being contaminated by an invisible virus! And stupid Europeans spend €14.400 millions on various space projects, most of them 100% fake.

* Of course all photos taken on the Moon and planet Mars are fake incl. info about the 2021 water on Mars >3 billion years ago.

* As most space travels are hoaxes, most is done by con men of all sorts, e.g. Lone Smuk and his fantasy company SpaceX, which he owns 100%, etc.

I describe them below incl. trips to planet Mars taking >200 days.

Anders Björkman


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Dear visitor to my web site 2024.

Let's start with some real old nonsense - NASA is back watching the back of the Moon November 2022. The pictures are lousy, to say the least.

Let's continue with some real news. Humans cannot fly in space!

I know you find it surprising and interesting, because you have been told about humans in space a lot since a long time. But you were fooled!

I generally work with safety at sea on the oceans of planet Earth, which can be improved. And then I came across plenty space travel projects in the universe and its safety in space, which I found to be a joke. All of it! Since 1958! More old 2024 NASA nonsense here!

1. Here you learn a lot about the past and the present. Many Americans believe today, 2024, that USA has sent humans into space since 1958. It was just propaganda by cranks from the beginning! Project Mercury was the first, 100% fake human space program of the United States, running from 1958 through 1962 starting the manned space flight bullshit. No American was ever in space then or later.

2. After that USA/NASA sent Americans uising space suits to the Moon 1969/72. But the Apollo project was also a 100% fake human space program of the United States. It was more bullshit all done in Hollywood studios with rockets flying away to nowhere.

3. Like the Shuttle and International Space Station bullshit 1981/2007. All 135 (!) Shuttle space missions starting 1981 and to the International Fake/Space Station, IFS, between 1998 and 2007 were 100% fake. The Fake Space Station is served by Elon Musk today. Newly elected US Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona says he has visited the Fake Space Station many times and then piloted the fake Shuttle back to ground. What a stupid actor/show! Mark is married to an actress that shot herself in the head and blamed it on a terrorist!

4. The bullshit works fine today. It is religious. All interested parties just lie all the time. They are paid for it. They will never admit it is bullshit.

5. The Sovietunion and Russia too never have had any people in space. It was also just propaganda at the request of USA. Russia made a mistake when it carried on with the US space travel bullshit 1991.

6. So when USA (Potus GWB) said that it was attacked on 11 September 2001 by poor Arab terrorists, USA had to defend itself by bombing and invading Afghanistan and Iraq instead. That war against terrorism is 2021 still on. Etc, etc. But most terrorists and all manned trips in space are just bullshit fantasies.

7. People believe you are weightless in space and float around in the Fake Space Station as seen on many videos and TV programs. Actually you are never weightless in any orbit. Gravity works anywhere.

8. Two small, unmanned spacecrafts have February 2021 arrived and started orbiting planet Mars. I call them Bullshit 1 and Bullshit 2 because their Earth based pilots cannot explain anything about it. But they are nothing against Olen Smuk, CEO of SpaceShit that will soon send 100's of people to planet Mars.  A few days later NASA/JPL landed its Bullshit 3 on Mars itself. It arrived at very high speed, used a heat shield to brake, a parachute to slow down further and a 'sky lift' to land a rover. All total nonsense!

9. But let's not forget it started all with the UFOs landing in USA in the 1940 seen by 1 000's of people and reported by media. It was fake news then and almost forgotten today.

10. A trip to planet Mars takes >200 days. It means that all passengers going to Mars must spend >200 days inside the spacecraft looking out through the window doing ... what? Yes, what shall the passengers do during the trip? And the crew and pilots? Just look?

Below is the latest US space clown 2024 - Bill Nelson!

Bill started space clowning already 1985!

Bill Nelson - NASA's 14th administrator

Bill Nelson, a former senator from Florida, was NASA's 14th administrator since April, 2021.

“I am honored by the President’s nomination and the Senate vote, I will try to merit that trust. Onward and upward!”

Nelson told media.

NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk said:

“I’m happy to welcome Bill to the NASA family. It’s been an amazing year for NASA and our commercial and international partners, and I look forward to working with Bill and the Biden-Harris Administration to build on the incredible momentum we’ve built so far. It has been an honor to serve as acting administrator, but it’s the NASA workforce that makes the agency one-of-a-kind. Thank you for all you do to advance NASA’s critical missions.”

Bill 2023 hasn't a clue what space is all about, so he should study my findings about it.

Bill says he spent a week in space 1986 !!! on a space shuttle with six other stupid clowns (right), but it was a lie then and today!


I met Bill at Paris, France 21 July 2022. Bill, (then 79) is looking for life/water in space! NASA has just found water somewhere in space, he told me. And 29 August 2022 a big NASA rocket (unmanned) will take off to the Moon to do something. There are rumours about water below the Moon south pole! The NASA objective is a permanent US human presence there ... one day. I have heard it before! What a joke. Once a space clown, always a space clown!

Some other human space clowns to my knowledge on Earth are the Europeans below:

Back row: Clarence W. "Bill" Nelson, Steven A. Hawley, George D. Nelson, Front row: Robert J. Cenker, Charles F. Bolden, Robert L. Gibson, Franklin R. Chang-Díaz
Joe Arschbascher. New chief of ESA!
Phil the Baptiste! New chief of French space CNSE exploration!

They haven't won my €1M
Challenge how to get off Earth in a space craft!

To be a space exploration expert shouldn't you know the basics?

And they haven't got a clue how to keep people happy for >200 days inside spacecraft going to planet Mars.


Here is the absolute latest space garbage from 18 April 2022!!

Axiom Space Inc. is the first company building a private space station to orbit Earth. It is fantastic. Visit its website and contact them and What they will do in space to make any money there is complete mystery to me. They say they will do scientific research in space that cannot be done on ground. It doesn't sound serious. They took off on 8 April 2022 just to look around close to the International Fake Station! Complete fantasy! Recorded at Hollywood on Earth, as usual!

But let's return to the human space travel nonsense with the Sept. 21, 2020, NASA (bullshit) RELEASE 20-092 that NASA Publishes Artemis Plan to Land First Woman, Next Man on Moon in 2024 .

With the Artemis III program, NASA will land the first woman and more men back on the Moon by 2024, using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. The trip takes only five days one way ... and another five days back!

The person coming up with this stupid plan - Jim Bridenstine - (see below) has resigned January 2021. The Artemis III program is very simple, confusing and complete nonsense! Read on!

A US Space Launch System (SLS) rocket (it can lift 43 tons to the Moon) will send an Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) rocket (details unknown) with an Orion four crew space craft, an European built Service Module (SM) rocket and a Human Landing System (HLS) rocket (below) into low Earth orbit and the ESA lunar Gateway. 


Test run 16 December 2021!! Cancelled!!!

There are several experienced teams of NASA clowns behind the Artemis missions to ensure the success of the first SLS launch and Orion's first trip around the Moon planned for start 16 December 2021 ... with nobody aboard, i.e. a test run! It seems it was cancelled! As of April 2022, Artemis 1 is expected to launch no earlier than May 2022 The woman will fly 2024.

NASA is thus building a sustainable presence on and around the Moon as part of the Artemis Program. The journey begins with the Orion spacecraft – NASA’s next generation spaceship that will launch atop the world’s most powerful SLS rocket to take astronauts on a journey of exploration to the Moon and later on to planet Mars.

Orion is part of NASA’s backbone for deep space exploration, along with the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the ESA lunar Gateway.

Orion’s Service Module (SM) is the powerhouse of the spacecraft, supplying it with the electricity, propulsion, thermal control, air and water it needs in space. After the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket gives Orion the push it needs to venture toward deep space and detaches from it, the Service Module (SM) will propel the spacecraft on its mission beyond the Moon and help it return to Earth, detaching before the crew module (what ever it is?) reenters Earth’s atmosphere. Sounds confusing to say the least. So let's repeat:

After take off and dropping off the SLS, the ICPS rocket is fired twice to reach a high Earth orbit from which it sends the Orion space craft, SM and HLS towards the Moon in a new orbit. It is called trans-lunar injection - details unknown (because it is a joke).

The ICPS is then dropped off. Approaching the Moon after four days the SM rocket is fired, a lunar gravity assist (or elastic collision!) takes place and Orion, SM and HLS start to orbit the Moon (details unknown - because it is another joke).

Imagine that! Going from one orbit (around Earth) to another (around the Moon) after an elastic collision!

In Moon orbit four crew incl. a woman enters the HLS (right) that undocks from Orion and lands on the Moon South Pole (details unknown).

The SpaceX Starship Lander is fully reusable, takes off in one piece and can be refilled with propellant. The Apollo LM was two pieces and expended. Only the top section took off to bring astronauts back to rendezvous in orbit with the command capsule and was then abandoned too.

The SpaceX Lander cost NASA MUCH less according to CEO Lone Skum, aka Leon MusX. The biggest con man alive 2024.

The 2024 Artemis Starship will bring 4 NASA astronauts rather than 2 brought on the Apollo LM 1969, but the Starship is certainly capable of bringing many more. The 4 astronauts are just what NASA requested.

With only four astronauts aboard, the SpaceX Lander will be very spacious and have many specialized facilities like bathrooms, showers, toilets, an airlock deck with an elevator to the Moon surface.

On the deck above the open airlock we see four large windows nearly a person's height for looking out over the moon from the crew quarters 10 stories above the Moon surface.

The SpaceX HLS Lander is capable of functioning as a lunar base.

After a week on the Moon looking for water, ice and minerals the HLS takes off from the Moon (details unknown) and docks with the Orion in orbit above and around the Moon (details unknown).

There the SM rocket is fired, a return powered flyby takes place so Orion space craft leaves Moon orbit and enters an Earth orbit dropping down on Earth (details unknown).

Above is the 2024 SpaceX (Leon Musk) Artemis (HLS) Human Landing System Lunar Lander shown next to the 1969 Apollo Lunar Module (LM) for comparison. The toilet is at the top of the HLS, because you cannot pee on the Moon ground! When on ground and in the elevator a space suit is required. Ensure that you breath correct oxygen O2 and carbon oxide CO inside your suit.

A young Belgian boy visited the Moon already 1950

After four days of Orion dropping free fall back on Earth - inbound coasting phase - the speed is >11 km/s - crew and service module separation takes place and the module re-enters at high altitude the Earth atmosphere, friction of which slows it down to 0.1 km/s speed in 10-15 minutes, so that parachutes can be deployed, blah, blah, blah. All is automatic. ROTFL!

The module then splashes into the Pacific Ocean outside San Diego, where a US Navy (not NASA) ship can lift it on its deck.

It is fantastic, expensive and very simple (pure bullshit). It will be done 2024! I will then lose my €1M Challenge about human space travel, if NASA can explain all orbit changes and fuel consumed, etc. It sounds more like a 1969 Apollo 11 Hollywood re-play, though, i.e. complete nonsense.

Why NASA doesn't use the proven Bullshit 3 Mars 2021 system to go to send a woman to the Moon 2024 is not clear to anyone. Except to me. All is just Fake News as usual.

Let's not forget the three (!) latest (un-manned), ridiculous, hilarious, million dollars, space hoaxes/frauds summer 2020/1 - to check the weather (!) or life - very important - on planet Mars. Media go mad about them. Head line Fake News!

They are all of course 100% fake like all trips in space since 1958! There is no way to fly to planet Mars, change course and/or start orbiting there and study the weather and life, etc. But they are fun. Stupid people pay for the nonsense! Only dull, one-way
orbits around Earth is possible.


A trip to planet Mars is only a variable speed/direction, elongated, banana shaped orbit around planet Earth (and not around the Sun as pseudo-astronomers suggest) until you arrive Mars, we are told. It looks like this 2018 fake trip that never took place either. You take off from Earth in the direction of the orbit of Mars. Then you slow down (?), while Earth passes (!) below you, while you rise to the orbit of Mars and land on arrival. There are plenty people believing in this nonsense:


Only planets like Earth and Mars orbit the Sun at different speeds. When something departs Earth in space it always orbits Earth that orbits the Sun! Nothing else!

The spacecraft thus departed from Earth at a certain escape speed and direction orbiting Earth to arrive, where planet Mars will be in its orbit, when you arrive in the vicinity at low speed later, we are told. But how?

The shortest trajectory Earth/Mars straight away from the Sun is not possible! Don't ask me why! No, it must be a 7 times longer and a banana shaped trajectory with TCMs! Trajectory Correction Maneuvers at speeds that nobody can calculate or inform us about! And this trajectory is always an orbit around moving Earth! Never around the Sun! You have to know what an orbit is!


So far the bullshit is good. Getting away from Earth in any direction is easy ... but not from Earth gravity! You need gravity to orbit anything. You also need the right escape velocity, direction and location, etc, I am told, to get off the ground and not drop back. Listen to this nonsense:

"In physics, specifically, celestial mechanics, escape velocity is, (we are confusingly told,) the minimum speed needed for a free, non-propelled object to escape (?) from the gravitational influence of a massive body, i.e. planet Earth, in order to achieve an infinite distance from it. ...

Or, escape velocity is actually a speed (not a velocity) because it does not specify a direction: no matter what the direction of travel is, the object can escape the gravitational field (provided its path does not intersect the planet). ..." Bla, bla, bla.

Imgagine the nonsense!!!!!

A non-propelled object evidently cannot move anywhere, i.e. all object/spacecrafts need a rocket engine to change speed and fuel is needed for it. It also means that the mass of a propelled spacecraft is changing, when the rocket engine is used and fuel mass is expelled. Anyway, we are just going to Mars!

We are going to Mars!

The planet Earth gravitational field varies with altitude and only one thing is certain: trying to escape from Earth gravity will always slow you down in any direction in space to zero speed ... when you drop back and return to and crash on Earth. Remember Apollo 1! That spacecraft slowed down most of the way to the Moon from >11 000 m/s to <900 m/s after a couple of days. Imagine that! It should also happen going to Mars. Coming back from the Moon and dropping down on Earth is same. You just go faster and faster. No way to stop!

There are too many variables to consider to plan a trip in space, so, in my opinion, safe space travel is not possible. Any object/spacecraft leaving Earth will always be subject to Earth gravity ... until it is lost.

But say that you take off anyway to Mars! Up and away! The show can start!

The Mars Show has started!

Planet Earth's speed in orbit around Sun is 29 780 m/s. When you start from Earth you have to get off the ground and away from Earth orbiting the Sun. Say that you speed up 10 220 m/s! Then your speed relative the Sun toward Mars is suddenly 40 000 m/s, which is not bad. But your target planet Mars is still far away in its slow orbit high above you.

Planet Mars' speed in orbit around Sun is only 24 000 m/s. It means you have to reduce speed in space during the trip between planets Earth and Mars - after leaving Earth - to arrive at Mars at 0 relative speed? Don't worry! Earth gravity slows you down all the time leaving Earth. Problem is to do this in the right trajectory between Earth and Mars. How?

The basis for space navigation relative planet Earth and slow speed planets far away is, I am told, inertial guidance using the inertia of (A) three spinning gyroscopes irrespective of any external forces and without any reference to the Sun and stars and (B) three accelerometers. Precise measurements are made of changes in velocity (acceleration) in all directions and the data is stored in a computer to determine the location in the trajectory at any time. As backup optical sightings/GPS of three stars is used to determine location. Very complicated. I am told since >50 years, I cannot understand it. If I ask, I am told I am an idiot.


The described system is of course oversimplified because I am stupid and the real system used on any spacecraft today is much more complex and powerful for me to understand. Details are unfortunately top secret! Without an accurate system of space navigation any trip with a spacecraft isn't feasible! The trip is then preprogrammed and any deviations corrected one way or other. Imagine that nonsense!

The Trip to Mars takes >200 Days!

Your speed and direction during the long, >200+ days, trip in orbit (around Earth) then changes all the time but, luckily, you know, all the time, where you are, when you slow down, not to miss the target = Mars! Just ask any any spacecraft pilot how the speed relative Sun is reduced during the long trip! The pilots hasn't got a clue! Compare Apollo 11! After a few days your speed has dropped from >11 000m/s to <900 m/s. You don't get to Mars that way.

Let's repeat! Say you depart planer Earth at a slow 40 000 m/s speed relative Sun (10 220 m/s relative Earth) and want to arrive at planet Mars after a certain time at same speed as Mars. Mars orbits Sun at slow 24 000 m/s but luckily Earth gravity slows you down until ... Mars gravity starts to accelerate you. What do you do?

Anyway, you need much more start speed than 40 000 m/s relative Sun to get past the Moon. And there are no rockets with power to do so. It is one reason that no space trips have ever been done outside LEO!

On arrival Mars it's gravity will pull you towards it and your speed increases in an modified orbit around two, mowing celestial bodies. How to enter or land on or orbit around Mars is then another matter, better forgotten. You cannot do it. Unless you are a clown like Einstein! You have no means aboard your spacecraft to do anything. If you miss Mars on arrival, you will of course continue in your original orbit and return to Earth due to its gravity!

NASA looks after you during the >200 days Trip!

But don't worry. NASA looks after you! Here is a NASA clown believing in Mars. He is worse than Elon Musk.

You can see planet Mars from Earth (it is lit up by the Sun and looks like a star) at departure, but you have to aim towards its future location in the Solar System at your arrival. Not easy to calculate the trajectory and arrival time, as your start/departure speed is reduced and direction in orbit varies all the time due to gravity!

So all people on Earth - pseudo-astroscientists - behind the trips are simple criminals fooling the stupid people/Arabs paying for the trips. It has gone on for >60 years assisted by media space journalists:

Three unmanned trips to Mars 2020+

1. The Emirates Mars Mission is an Arab exploration mission to planet Mars. It launched the Hope (al Amal in Arabic) spacecraft on 17 July 2020 from a rocket base in Japan after delays due to local rain.

The retarded mission is regarded as an investment (LOL) in the United Arab Emirate's economy and human capital. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum & Co. don't understand that he & they are fooled by Emirati, Japanese, American and the global Mars science community (LOL) criminals to pay for fantasies. It happens. But they should first learn what an orbit is!

The expected travel time of the Emirati Hope spacecraft is about 200 days on its journey of 60 million kilometers, we are told. Upon arrival at Mars, it will change course (how?) and start an orbit around the planet at unknown altitudes (how?) and speeds. It will study the atmosphere of Mars for two years. Its instruments will help build "holistic models" of the Martian atmosphere. What bullshit! The data is then expected to provide additional data on the escape of the atmosphere to outer space.

The Hope spacecraft carries three scientific instruments to study the Martian atmosphere, which include a digital camera for high resolution colored images, an infrared spectrometer that will examine the temperature profile, ice, water vapors in the atmosphere, and an ultraviolet spectrometer that will study the upper atmosphere and traces of oxygen and hydrogen further out into space. Imagine all that nonsense.

How the spacecraft Hope can reach, slow down on arrival, start orbiting the planet and study the atmosphere are not known and better not asked for.

Arabs are not allowed to land on planet Mars!

Anyway spacecraft Hope arrived and started orbiting Mars on 9 February 2021 I am told. Don't ask me how it changed orbits and slowed down to orbit Mars at low altitude and constant speed. The 550 kg spacecraft has 6x120 N thrusters for speed control, actually braking, 8x5 N RCS thrusters for directions control and 800 kg of fuel.

On the other hand the Emirates have just started their first nuclear power plant (Korean design/not my EDF/Vinci alternative - it was too expensive) to provide 25% of the electricity required (5.600 MW). It is a very good decision. And more is coming when the (French/Chinese) EDF plant (2.000 MW) comes on line ... but it is solar panels. And I look forward to the EDF nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia. 18 000 MW ... to be on line 2040! I am a great fan of peaceful nuclear power. Back to space!

China is going to Mars. It took 202 days

2. Tianwen-1 is a mission by China to send a spacecraft, which consists of an orbiter, a lander and a rover, to Mars. It is pure propaganda! Bullshit!

The mission was launched on 23 July 2020 with a Long March 5 heavy lift rocket. The objectives were to search for evidence of both current (today) and past (4.000 million years ago) life, and to assess the planet's weather and environment.

The Chinese Mars spacecraft is developed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), and managed by the National Space Science Centre (NSSC) in Beijing. The lander portion of the spacecraft will use a parachute, retrorockets and an airbag in order to achieve landing on the Martian surface. If the landing is successful, the lander would then release a rover, right. Said rover is powered by solar panels and is expected to probe the Martian surface with radar and to perform chemical analyses on the soil; it would also look for biomolecules and biosignatures. It is very important, you know! How the spacecraft Tianwen-1 can, reach, slow down on arrival planet Mars, start orbiting the planet and looking for life and land are not known. Nor is known how the lander can stop orbiting and descend to ground and land to unload the rover.

The Chinese says that they have already landed rovers on the Moon twice before but not found any life there. Sounds like communist propaganda to me.

Chinese rover in red Mars desert 2021. Admire the cameras up on the pole

Anyway Tianwen-1 arrived and started orbiting Mars on 10 February 2021, I am told. It was 202 days after departure! Don't ask me how it changed orbits and slowed down to orbit Mars at low altitude and constant speed. The 3415 kg spacecraft has only one 7000 N thruster for speed control, actually braking, unknown RCS thrusters for directions control and 1585 kg of fuel. The lander part will later de-orbit and land on Mars using a parachute and dispose the 240 kg rover, that will drive around in the sand. Sounds 100% Chinese bullshit to me!


3. Mars 2020 is a US Mars Perseverance rover mission by NASA's Mars Exploration Program that includes the Perseverance rover with a planned launch on 30 July 2020 at 11:50 UTC, and touch down in Jezero crater on Mars on 18 February 2021 at 20:56 UTC. Imagine that! 205 days to go to Mars! I have been told it has happened.

This fake Mars trip thus took about 205 days.

205 Days to go to Mars!

It will investigate an astrobiologically relevant ancient environment on Mars and investigate its surface geological processes and history, including the assessment of its past habitability, the possibility of past life long time ago on Mars, and the potential for preservation of biosignatures within accessible geological materials. It will cache sample containers along its route for a potential future Mars sample-return mission. Imagine that nonsense! NASA was inviting the public to take part in virtual activities and events ahead of the launch of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, which was targeted for 7:50 a.m. EDT Thursday, July 30, on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

This is the Perseverance six wheels rover already driving around in a red, sandy planet Mars desert 2021. No life in sight!

Of course such a rocket has not enough fuel/power to reach planet Mars. It can hardly reach the Moon. It will just disappear in the Earth sky ... and arrive .... bla, bla. People believe this nonsense, because they believe media Fake News!!

Again how the American spacecraft will arrive, stop on arrival Mars, land in a crater and look for life are not known. If anybody knows, please tell me and I will publish it here. Mainstream media will 2021 only publish fantastic (fake) news about life and weather on Mars.

It touched down in Jezero crater on Mars on 18 February 2021 at 20:56 UTC we are told. Hole in one. But 100% Fake News as usual.

Soon fake pictures arrived of the sandy surface of Mars, in this case the bottom of an ancient lake on Mars full of 3 billion years old crystalized hydrated compounds. Right! Today all water has evaporated we are told. Bla, bla, bla!

But only a month later there was a peer reviewed paper published about "Long-term drying of Mars by sequestration of ocean-scale volumes of water in the crust" by young graduate students E. L. Scheller, B. L. Ehlmann, Renyu Hu, and D. J. Adams misdirected by their professor Y. L. Yung:

Photo of Mars crystalized hydrated sand and stones 18 February 2021

Geological evidence shows that ancient Mars had large volumes of liquid water. Models of past hydrogen escape to space, calibrated with observations of the current escape rate, cannot explain the present-day D/H isotope ratio.(???) We simulate volcanic degassing, atmospheric escape, and crustal hydration (???) on Mars, incorporating observational constraints from spacecraft, rovers and meteorites. We find ancient water volumes equivalent to a 100- to 1500-meter global layer are simultaneously compatible with the geological evidence, loss rate estimates, and D/H measurements. In our model, the volume of water participating in the hydrological cycle decreased by 40 to 95% over the Noachian period (~3.7 to 4.1 billion years ago), reaching present-day values by ~3.0 billion years ago. Between 30 and 99% of Martian water was sequestered by crustal (?) hydration, demonstrating that irreversible chemical weathering can increase the aridity of terrestrial planets.

Bla, bla, bla! What a joke! The water is still there on Mars but trapped in the crust! And what is the crust?

Mars' crust is a thin shell on the outside of Mars, accounting for less than 1% of Mars' volume. It is the top component of the lithosphere, a division of Mars' layers that includes the crust and the upper part of the Mars' mantle. The lithosphere is broken into tectonic Mars' plates whose motion allows heat to escape from the interior of Mars into space. No evidence of anything!

Watching Mars for a 1 000 years nobody has seen any tectonic plates on Mars full of water!

And the water??? It was just clay! NASA cannot see the difference between water and clay. More about Mars water! Or was it some sort of ice? Let's look at the poles!

Mars north pole with "white ice' ??

© 2021 - Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mars south pole with less "white ice' ??

© 2021 - Lunar and Planetary Institute

One question remains.

What shall the asstronuts going to Mars sking at the poles do in their spacecrafts during the 200+ days trip through the Solar System?

And what does M. Franck Montmessin, the top French expert of the matter has to say about it? Nothing! He only studies the non-existing clouds in the sky of the non-existing atmosphere of Mars above the tectonic plates on the shell. Quel connerie!

No space craft has ever landed on Mars' tectonic plates, mantle or a meteorite with a rover. The paper is a good example how young, foolish, pseudo-scientists quickly invent anything about space, incl. liquid (!) water on Mars >3 billion years ago!

The temperature on Mars is today a cold -60°C but maybe it was warmer some billion years ago due to an atmosphere that has also disappeared. Anyway, soon Tesla car sales person Lone Skum will arrange tourist trips to Mars and its mantle. A one way trip takes only 200+ days!


But why not go to planet Venus instead? It takes only 117 days!

Listen first to these fantasies about hot planet Venus:

"Our nearest planetary neighbor, the second planet from the Sun, has a surface hot enough to melt lead. The atmosphere is so thick that, from the surface, the Sun is just a smear of light." …

"It might once have been a habitable ocean world, like Earth, but that was at least a billion years ago. A runaway greenhouse effect turned all surface water (sic) into vapor, which then leaked slowly into space. The present-day surface of volcanic rock is blasted by high temperatures and pressures." …

"If we could slice Venus and Earth in half, pole to pole, and place them side by side, they would look remarkably similar. Each planet has an iron core enveloped by a hot-rock mantle; the thinnest of skins forms a rocky, exterior crust. On both planets, this thin skin changes form and sometimes erupts into volcanoes in response to the ebb and flow of heat and pressure deep beneath." …

"NASA's Magellan spacecraft, which ended a five-year mission to Venus in 1994, mapped the broiling surface using radar. Magellan saw a land of extreme volcanism. The orbiter saw a relatively young surface, one recently reshaped (in geologic terms), and chains of towering mountains." …

"Venus is a landscape of valleys and high mountains dotted with thousands of volcanoes." …

"The Soviet Union landed 10 probes on the surface of Venus, but even among the few that functioned after landing, the successes were short-lived - the longest survivor lasted two hours; the shortest, 23 minutes. Photos snapped before the landers fried show a barren, dim, and rocky landscape, and a sky that is likely some shade of sulfur yellow."

Bla, bla, bla!

It seems that the temperature at the surface of Venus today is 470°C and that the atmospheric pressure is 95 000 000 Pa and that the atmosphere is 95% CO2 versus 0.1% on Earth. But good news! It only takes 117 days to fly to Venus from Earth. In a couple of years US billionaires will offer trips to Venus! You just have to pay in advance and believe the nonsense.

But, you will say, I have myself seen and heard big, noisy rockets taking off into the sky and I want to be aboard!

I agree. Often very impressive lift offs but all manned rockets, e.g. the one right - a theater prop (a vertical Zeppelin style airship full of helium + fire works producing smoke at the bottom) - went nowhere after take off and was destroyed when dropping down again out of sight ... with no humans aboard. The humans stayed on Earth! Every time!

But you will say that a space travel hoax cannot be kept secret >60 years with too many people involved.

Have you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? He was the inventor of pseudoscience or really bad science around 1930! Stalin loved him. Ever heard about Stalin? He was in charge of the Socialist/Communist Paradise (sic) in the Sovietunion 1924 - 1953. A very competent mass murderer that together with Hitler, an incompetent madman, started WW2 by attacking east Poland and Finland 1939 and the Baltic states 1940 so that Hitler could attack France and England 1940 and ruin France until 1945.

US presidents Roosevelt and Truman liked Stalin a lot. Stalin could keep east Poland, a part of Finland and the Baltic states after WW2. Ever heard about US president Roosevelt? He was quite competent but created his fake atomic bombs under great, military secrecy 1942/5! With a plenty help from friends. It is also a great hoax and scandal today.

It was quite easy to fool the world in the 1940's about 100% fake nuclear weapons and in the 1950's about humans going to explore the Universe.

Famous, fake NASA rocket sending spacecrafts to the Moon1969 - 1972 - actually just a theater prop - a Zeppelin type airship full of helium + some fireworks at the bottom

Some crazy Russians and Americans announced that
human space travel - astronautics - was easy and possible and they simply persuaded some corrupt politicians to promote it. Plenty people of course jumped on the bandwagon. There were space clubs everywhere in the 1950's telling people how easy human space travel was and how to make money in space. USA was ready to spend billions in space. It was a great, magic show. It spread like an invisible virus!

All fake of course. Sending spacecrafts one way into orbits was and is easy, I know, but everything else is impossible. No humans have ever been in space! In spite of this the hoaxes go on today.

One small, stupid example:

The International Space University, ISU, is a private non-profit institution, formally recognized as an institute of higher education in France by the French Ministry of Education (decree MENS0400386A of 27 February 2004). ISU is also recognized by other agencies and universities.

Applying to ISU is an online process available at You have to click on "Apply online". Once you have entered the information requested in the form, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you opened an application. Once you have validated the confirmation, you will then be able to log on your application to fill it in and become a space travel expert.

Another, bigger, worse example is - assteroids!


Assteroids are minor planets, especially of the inner Solar System, we are told. There exist millions of assteroids, many the shattered remnants of planetesimals, bodies within the young Sun's solar nebula that never grew large enough to become planets, it is said. The vast majority of known assteroids orbit within the main assteroid belt located between the orbits of planets Mars and Jupiter, or are co-orbital with Jupiter (the Jupiter trojans).

Assteroid Apophis, the "God of Chaos"assteroid is capable of wiping out millions of people, if it has a slim chance of striking our planet Earth on 10 (!) different dates, space agency NASA has discovered. Imagine that!

If Apophis ends up hitting our planet on any of these dates, NASA says the force of impact would be equivalent to 1.200 megatons or 1.200.000 kilotons of kinetic energy. For comparison, the fake US atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 detonated with the force of only 15 kilotons of TNT. 

2018 the Trump administration wanted to make Earth great again by spending more than $100 million to help protect the planet from cataclysmic assteroids. 

Assteroid Bennu is a space agency NASA special, whose spacecraft Osiris Rex has visited it! It returns to a secret, remote place at Utah, USA 2022, with bits of dust (right) of it.

Imagine that! And assteroid Ryugu is a space agency JAXA special, whose spacecraft Hayabusa2 has already visited it! It also returns to a secret place at Australia 2020 with some dust! NASA and JAXA say they have visited these dusty assteroids but ... it is just fantasy! Part of the magic show!

European ministers in charge of fake space activities and their experts met 27 and 28 November 2019 at ESA’s Council at ministerial level, Seville, Spain, to discuss ESA’s vision for the future of Europe in space and how to fool the European Union about it with new magic shows. They meet every three years.

The European Union will in the future give ESA €14.400 millions to various space projects, most of them 100% fake. ESA loves fake assteroids. No assteroid has ever collided with planet Earth since million years and no assteroid will ever collide with Earth, but ESA got €432 millions to check it out.

4.5 billions old dust from assteroid Bennu!

ESA will also put two, new asstronuts in the International Fake Station at a cost of €1.953 millions! New missions to planets and assteroids got €1.671 millions until 2022, when everyone knows that all old missions are fake. For more fake missions after 2022 €1.152 millions were allocated, etc, etc. France was represented by M. Patrick Michel of the Nice observatory. Patrick loves the fake Osiris Rex and especially the JAXA Hayabusa2 missions. Patrick has driven the JAXA rover on Ryugu he tells the girls at Saint Tropez! What bullshit!

What hoaxes! What scandals! And media cannot say so! They present it as Fake News!

But let's face it! Any meteors or meteorites entering Earth atmosphere burn up in seconds. Like any ESA fake spacecraft trying to re-enter from space.


Aerospace is the human efforts in science, engineering, and business to fly in the atmosphere of Earth (aeronautics) and surrounding space (astronautics). Aerospace organizations research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft or spacecraft. Aerospace activity is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Human beings can fly in aircrafts the lower atmosphere of Earth but not in spacecraft in surrounding space, reason being you simply cannot return and land on Earth after a trip in surrounding space.

But do not tell that to the US Aerospace Corporation.  

Aerospace Corporation

As an independent, non-profit corporation operating the only Federally Funded Research and Development Center, FFRDC, for the fake US space enterprise, the Aerospace Corporation performs objective technical analyses and assessments for a variety of government, civil, and commercial customers, we are told. US FFRDCs are public-private partnerships, which conduct research for the United States Government. They are administered in accordance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Title 48, Part 35, Section 35.017 by universities and corporations.

The Aerospace Corporation employs 3,900 diverse and talented people, who are empowered to ensure the highest levels of fakery. Its laboratory facilities are staffed by some of the leading scientists and engineers in the world. It strives to cultivate a rich tapestry of top talent from many walks of life, and demonstrates honorable corporate citizenry by meeting its own needs without jeopardizing the needs of future generations, etc, etc. None of these employes can be reached by phone or e-mail to confirm my findings below. It seems the corporation is a dumping place of NASA staff, etc.

To confuse matters USA also uses MIT:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) or its Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics got involved at once with US fake space plans! Already during World War II, the MIT Aeronautics Department expanded rapidly to meet the needs of the US military. 1959 it added Astronautics to its interests.

MIT had emerged from the war as the nation's largest nonindustrial defense contractor; almost all major research in MIT's Department of Aeronautics was performed for the military. President John F. Kennedy gave 1961 a landmark speech committing the country to landing astronauts on the Moon by the end of the decade. See below.

The MIT Astronautics Department is therefore particularly distinguished by its tremendous contributions to the NASA 100% fake Apollo and other space programs. The first fake voyage to the Moon and landing were made possible by fake guidance, navigation, and control systems developed by the MIT Astronautics Department Instrumentation Lab. Apollo 11 fake astronut Buzz Aldrin (MIT PhD '63) was the second fake man to set foot on the Moon and one of four MIT Astronautics Course 16 graduates to walk on the Moon. MIT has produced more academic asstronots/actors than any other school. Imagine that.


All 100% fake, though! They were only trained Hollywood actors!

Another funny space fakery institution is Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory that, i.a., manages the fake Parker Solar Probe mission for NASA - see below. APL designed and built the fake spacecraft and also operates it. But it is better forgotten. Like many other APL ventures.

USA/USSR (Russia) faked everything in space starting October 4 1957 with a Sputnik 1 satellite orbiting Earth and ending with a fake Soviet soft landing on the Moon January 31, 1966. USA only managed it May 30, 1966! In the mean time a fake US space craft flow by planet Venus August 27, 1962, while a fake Soviet one flow by planet Mars November 1, 1962, etc, etc. All Fake News then! No evidence of anything. Just American/Russian fantasies! They are still at it. It is not really a conspiracy. There is nothing secret. The collusions and infringements are all in the open. The 'space' people all believe in it. It is religious! And media are promoting it as Fake News! And you cannot mess around with US SBOEs! I just smile at the stupid and harmless nonsense!

France sent its first space craft into orbit November 26, 1965, while Japan, in fourth position, didn't manage such trip until February 11, 1970. I always wonder why France and Japan started to fake about space then. But don''t worry! 10 000's of scientists and engineers fake about space supported by ignorant or criminal politicians.

One example of fake space travel news March 2019 was that a rocket took off from Earth and that:  

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, built to carry U.S. astronauts to orbit starting later this year, caught up with the International (Fake) Space Station early Sunday 3 March 2019 and moved in for a picture-perfect docking, a major milestone in NASA's drive to resume launching U.S. astronauts from U.S. soil for the first time since the fake Shuttle was retired in 2011. 

SpaceX is a funny company. It belongs 100% to Elon Musk who is an actor. The company is 100% owned by Musk and worth US$ 7 billion!! It is good at producing good, fake videos of rockets taking off and landing again even landing on Mars.

And 8 March 2019 his Crew Dragon spacecraft un-docked from the I(F)SS and made an impossible reentry and dropped into the Pacific:

"This is an amazing achievement in American history," NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said from the space agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston. "These are all capabilities that are leading to a day where we are launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil."

Jim (right) is really stupid. I have told him that. He doesn't understand much! It was standard US/SpaceX Fake space News since 1957. No Crew Dragon spacecraft went anywhere March, 2019. Jim was just fooled. Jim had to leave NASA a little later.


James Bridenstine - "the way we produce food and energy and conduct banking depends on space"

Twentyfoud years ago - year 2000 -
space tourism was hot!

If (sic) some $12 billion of funding became available, commercial passenger space travel services to and from Earth orbit could begin in 2010, we were told.

Ms. Naoko Yamazaki (years ago)

At a growth rate of some 100,000 passengers/year/year the business could reach 700.000 passengers/ year by 2017, at a price of only $25.000 /passenger, some clowns thought. By 2030 time space tourism activities could have grown to a scale of $100 billion/year, creating several million jobs experts predicted 2000. Fools believed it.

Of course today 2021 there is 0 space tourism, even if Ms. Naoko Yamazaki, 48, (left) just started the Space Port Japan Association supported by Airbus Japan K.K., ANA Holdings Inc., Marubeni Corp., Mitsui Fudosan CO. and SKY Perfect JSAT Corp., to put people in space. Who is Ms. Yamazaki? Just a stupid, fake Japanese prostonut saying/lying she visited space 2010. She was never there! As fake as Hayabusa2! All Japan space ventures are 100% fake! Japan started this type of fakery with the 1945 fake atomic bombs. It is easy! In Japan you just do what you are told!

Of course space and Universe are easy to see in the sky but that's all. A dark empty place full of stars or bright objects and cold planets or heavenly bodies of all sorts lit by the Sun. No robotic space crafts can explore it. Everything sent away from Earth never arrives anywhere. It can only orbit Earth or drop back on the ground.

Religion? Yes, the 'space' people formed their own societies about it. You must just agree with them and you are welcome to join their space churches and Shinto space temples and similar meeting places.

My opinion. Easy! Space exploration is 99% fake. Like most asstronomy.


Photo of Black Hole in space April 2019 - no peer review, no independent checking, just propaganda, no questions replied to

People and asstronomers on Earth say they have 2017/19 found and photographed an invisible Black Hole in the Universe only 50 million light-years away. The Universe is at least 13 billion light-years old, 11 billion of which is right now being charted by DESI! All lies. Just fantasies. Plenty people just get together and publish space lies of all sorts. If you ask a question - no replies! You can quote me! The photo? It was created by a young, very stupid woman trying to make sense out of data on her computer. The fake data was just bullshit made by some other people.

Already in the 1950's it was known by all experts that a return trip to the Moon was impossible.

However, in the 1960's it was all forgotten due to clever communist indoctrination east/left and US propaganda west/right, so the latest, future Moon visits (mostly right) nonsense 2019-2021 - all fake - are listed below: 

23 February 2019 the private
Israeli SpaceIL spacecraft Beresheet took off using a Falcon 9 launcher into Earth orbit. During several orbits around Earth, the spacecraft slowly performed orbit raising (?). The orbit raising would take about a month before reaching the Moon's area of influence. Imagine that! A month to go to the Moon. Once there, the spacecraft will perform manoeuvers to be captured in a lunar orbit, and orbit around the Moon between two weeks and a month. In the right orbit around the landing site, it will decelerate until soft-landing on the lunar surface on 11 April 2019. Of course USSR did it already January 31, 1966. The Israeli spacecraft crashed in the last moment, if you believe the nonsense! Why it was going to the Moon at all, is not clear either.


14 July 2019 the Indian ISRO moon-probe, Chandrayaan-2, that was earlier slated to be launched 31 January but due to some technical details had to be withheld, was launched into LEO. The Chandrayaan-2 includes an orbiter, a lander and a probe, all developed by India and was launched by a GSLV-Mark III rocket. There are no humans aboard! On 22 July the spacecraft left LEO to arrive at the Moon 20 August, which it started to orbit at 1 680 m/s speed. 2 September the lander named Vikram was detached! It was supposed to land 7 September at zero speed, but someting went wrong at 2 100 m altitude, when speed was down to only 2 m/s and contact was lost, so the mission was only 95% successful, we are told. The orbiter has however fuel to work until 2026 and will try to locate Vikram. Fake Nasa veteran Jerry Linenger, who says he has flown on space shuttles and spent five months on the 100% fake Russian space station Mir in 1997, said,

“With Chandrayaan-2’s orbiter doing three-dimensional mapping of the Moon and looking beneath the lunar surface, we are expecting a lot of information. Anyone looking to set up a base on Moon will be benefited by such information.”

Personally I consider the Indian spacecraft 100% Fake News! But Indians will fly in space December 2021, we are also told!

May 2019 the world's richest man said he was going to the Moon soon. It will be paid for as follows: Every year shares of the Amazon company worth a billion USD are sold and invested in his Blue Origin rocket company. But the whole thing is bullshit!

July-September 2019 the private German PTScientists group plans to perform the world's first private Moon landing with a mission they now simply call "Mission to the Moon". A landing module called Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA) will launch on a Falcon 9 to the surface of the Moon. The spacecraft will share the Falcon 9 launch with an unspecified satellite that will be placed on a geostationary orbit (GEO). ALINA lander will deploy two lunar rovers on the Moon. The group sounds 100% criminal subsidised by ESA!

October-December 2019 the private US Moon Express company will carry out the Lunar Scout expedition, that will be the second commercial voyage to the Moon. This expedition will demonstrate the cost effectiveness of entrepreneurial approaches to space exploration, carrying a diverse manifest of payloads including the International Lunar Observatory, "MoonLight" by the INFN National Laboratories of Frascati and the University of Maryland, and a Celestis memorial flight, whatever that can be. By 2020 the Lunar Scout will return to Earth with plenty Moon regolith dust. This group also sounds 100% criminal!

2020 China's CNSA Chang'e #5 and 6 spacecrafts will land on the Moon, NASA/ESA, Cubesat EM-1 spacecraft shall test the capsule Orion orbiting the Moon and private US Astrobotic Technology's spacecraft Peregrine shall land rovers on the Moon! 

2021 Japan JAXA's spacecraft Slim shall locate a suitable rocket launch site on the Moon. Etc, etc!

There is no end of what various criminal space companies on Earth can invent about the Moon.

So no surprise SpaceX aims to launch its first cargo mission to planet Mars in 2022 and send people toward the Red Planet just two years after that, i.e. 2024. Those were two of the highlights of the company's current Mars-colonization plan, which SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk unveiled early Friday Sept. 29, 2017 at the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Adelaide, Australia. However, in a major shakeup at Elon Musk's aerospace company, SpaceX announced Friday 11 January 2019 that it will cut 10 percent of its employees. I cannot understand that anyone takes this Musk clown and his SpaceX company seerious. SpaceX is 100% fantasy.

Plenty people of course believe and media publish anything anyway about Moon and Mars trips and there we are. I just laugh at them.

When I was a child in the 1950's, I was told about fantastic Soviet sputniks orbiting Earth and finally landing again and, of course, I believed the communist propaganda. What else could I do? But 60+ years later I know better. Only one way satellite trips orbiting Earth are possible. Everything else is impossible, even if Wikipedia suggests that humans are orbiting Earth in LEO right now. 

No spacecrafts have since travelled to planets anywhere. Spacecrafts can only orbit planet Earth and can never return and land again. Spacecrafts visiting other planets or moons are always Fake News invented by the absurd Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) clowns in California (the latest nonsense is their Space Cube Sats) and similar outfits all over USA assisting the United States NASA to conquer the Universe. But also Europe, Japan, Russia, China and many other countries participate in the hoax.

One of China's latest 'space' hoax was 7 December 2018! Then spacecraft Chang'e 4 took off to be catapulted to the Moon, where, after orbiting the Moon, it landed January 2019 at the Moon's south pole, which is out of sight from Earth. Chinese Fake News!

One of the fantasy SpaceX latest 'space' hoaxes was 5 December 2018. SpaceX then launched its sixteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-16) to the International Fake Station. Liftoff occurred at 1:16 p.m. EST, or 18:16 UTC, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Spacecraft Dragon was filled with more than 5.600 pounds of supplies and payloads, including critical materials to directly support more than 250 science and research investigations that will occur onboard the orbiting laboratory, we were told. Imagine that!! Dragon separated from Falcon 9's second stage about 10 minutes after liftoff and attached to the space station on 8 December. Of course it was all fake, as usual! You cannot start orbit Earth, and then change this orbit Earth and attach to another object orbiting Earth in another orbit. Same applies going to planet Mars.


The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, TGO, is an ESA/Roscosmos space hoax! The launch from Earth occurred at 09:31 UTC on 14 March 2016. TGO then travelled to planet Mars! A lander separated from the TGO orbiter on 16 October 2016, three days before it arrived on Mars. Then it started to orbit Mars. The fake trip thus took about 219 days and looked like this. The standards banana shaped nonsense at variable speeds. One objective of the TGO was to find methane on Mars that previous spacecrafts had found. TGO has found nothing, we are told April 2019. Of course the the whole thing is a hoax. 

The NASA InSight landing on planet Mars 26 November 2018 was another 'space' hoax! The shortest trajectory Earth/Mars is of course straight away from the Sun and not a banana shaped trajectory at variable speeds and directions of the fake trip lasting only 205 days shown below:


It is standard space nonsense. To fly from Earth to Mars you must follow a banana shaped trajectory orbiting nothing (or the Sun?) during 205 days changing speeds and directions all the time in space. To go straight from Earth (and the Sun), when Earth is ahead of Mars and arrive at Mars after a month - like going to the Moon in three days - is not possible as agreed by some space clowns long ago. But why go to Mars at all? It is just a desert without atmosphere, water and life. Imagine being locked up in a spaceship during 205 days going to visit a desert ... doing what?

Most NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists and staff are therefore just cheap, stupid Hollywood actors all dressed alike with violet shirts, black trousers hiding behind computer screens and talking via microphones and head sets and dancing around, when their fake spacecraft has landed. A copy/paste of the foolish Apollo 11 show 1969.

I describe the various shows below. The InSight braking from 5 500 m/s to 0 speeds - brake distance 770 000 m - in seven (!) minutes and 0 speed landing on Mars was an impossible joke. Only complete idiots believe in it but media worldwide reported it as an accomplished fact. Fake News as usual!

This is my opinion, based on personal research and common sense since 1994.

It is also one of my most popular webpage/site, with, say 100's visitors/day since many years. Media presstitutes hate it and will never mention it or link to it

Here I show that no human beings have ever been in space and will never be in space. Everything about it is propaganda lies since late 1950's. All is just stupid, simple hoaxes to steal money from the tax payers and create fake jobs etc. It started in the 1950's when some pseudo scientists said human space travel was easy and politicians believed them. An industry was created.

All persons, male and female, associated with these human space travel hoaxes since late 1950's are in my opinion criminals guilty of complicity in fraud. People suggesting they trained for years to fly in space and did it are simply paid actors. Imagine it has gone on for >60 years.

Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain and complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime, who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shares with them an intent to act to complete the crime.

To confuse people with fake human space trips is a crime.

One such criminal is a Swede Christer Fuglesang,, tel. +468 790 64 65, right. He says he has orbited Earth several times in a Shuttle and that he is a space travel professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, teaching scientifically how to fly yourself in space. Try to contact him. Human space travel is just stupid nonsense. But Main Stream Media cannot say so. They just make money out of publishing Fake News.

There are other Swedes around producing Fake News by scientific fraud. I mention some here. They don't like me. They like cheating on behalf of criminals of all sorts. They assist killing people not agreeing with them. Sad!

Another criminal is Alain Charmeau. Who is he? He works for Arianespace! He is left below! Doesn't he look stupid? He was fired from his post recently.

Christer Fuglesang dressed up as an asstronut ready to walk on the Moon or to pilot a Shuttle

Alain Charmeau above thinks October 2018 that humans can soon fly to the Moon and planet Mars - using his Ariane 6 rocket right.

They are inventions of stupid people and it seems I pay for it

Shouldn't the four boosters of the Ariane 6 rocket have stopped ejecting smoke after being ejected?

20 October 2018 the latest space hoax ESA Bepi Colombo mission started from Earth to orbit planet Mercury in 2026 assisted by Arianespace! The link is from 14 September 2018. ESA doesn't bother to update it for the simple reason nothing happens until 13 April 2020! Listen:

The ESA/JAXA Mercury Composite Spacecraft (MCS) (mass 4.241 kg includes a 1.150 kg Mercury Planetary Orbiter (MPO), a 275 kg Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO), a Mercury Transfer Module (MTM) and an MMO Sunshield and Interface Structure (MOSIF), we are told. This complete garbage thus departed Earth 20 October 2018 on top of an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket with a hyperbolic excess velocity of 3.475 km/s to elliptically orbit Earth with the Sun inside the orbit. Imagine that!


The MCS therefore, after a turn around the Sun inside/outside the Earth orbit, returns to Earth 13 April 2020 for a first fake inwards gravity assisted kick to quickly arrive at planet Venus 16 October 2020 after half a turn around the Sun for a second fake gravity assisted kick to arrive at Venus again after a turn around the Sun, 11 August 2021, for a third fake inwards gravity assisted kick, now to planet Mercury, where it quickly arrives 2 October 2021 for a fourth fake gravity assisted kick back to Mercury again after two turns around the Sun, where it arrives 23 June 2022 for a fifth fake gravity assisted kick, bla, bla! There are then another four fake gravity assisted kicks at Mercury 20 June 2023, 5 September 2024, 2 December 2024 and 9 January 2025, so that the spacecraft can arrive at Mercury 5 December 2025 at low speed to put the MPO in orbit around Mercury 14 March 2026, bla, bla, etc. You wonder what clowns invent this nonsense! The whole trip is also shown here. The nominal mission then ends on 1 May 2027 and the extended mission ends on 1 May 2028. As gravity assisted kicks are impossible the whole ESA/JAXA mission, incl. the Arianespace launch, is another ridiculous hoax. Media presstitutes have plenty opportunities 2018-2028 to question the ESA/JAXA experts about the long trip and changes of speed and directions by nine fake gravity assisted kicks ... but do not expect any answers. Fake space trips nowadays are only possible by fake gravity assisted kicks and the Japanese have finally joined the show.


11 October 2018 another space hoax took place! Two persons, i.e. actors, were flying in a spacecraft just being launched, rocket of which got damaged! They managed to get out of it and land on Earth safe and sound using a re-entry module. It was three days top headline Fake News worldwide. Media love to publish any such nonsense they are given. All lies of course.

18 September 2018 SpaceX and Lone Skum were also active in the manned space travel hoax:

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa put down a significant deposit with SpaceX to become the first ever private tourist to fly around the moon on the company's Big Falcon Rocket (BFR)

Maezawa wants to take six to eight artists from around the world on the nearly week-long trip.

The mission is expected to launch in 2023.

Mr. Maezawa is invited to collect €1,000,000:- from me by explaining how he can fly in space! Just paying a deposit is not enough. Lone Skum, also known as Elon Musk, is a complete fantasy figure created by particular interests to steal money from US tax payers. 

7 October 2018 at 7:21 p.m. PDT, SpaceX successfully launched the SAOCOM 1A satellite from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The satellite was deployed in LEO about 12 minutes after liftoff, we were told.

Following stage separation, Falcon 9's first stage returned (!) to land at SpaceX's Landing Zone 4 (LZ-4) at Vandenberg Air Force Base. This was SpaceX's first land landing on the West Coast. The complete nonsense can be seen here. I am glad to note that US media mainly ignored this shit. Imagine a private rocket launching a satellite into LEO and then landing again after 12 minutes, where it started. Only Lone Skum could have invented it.


12 August 2018 another, recent, unmanned spacecraft hoax took place. The NASA Parker Solar Probe departed Earth 3:31 a.m. hrs EDT. The ESA Solar Orbiter scheduled to be launched 2020 is another hoax. Both spacecrafts will orbit the Sun, we are told.

The Parker Solar Probe with mass 635 kg was launched by a Delta IV-Heavy with Upper Stage rocket one dark August night! It can carry 14.210 kg into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit, GTO. As long as the Upper Stage rocket + the Parker Solar Probe has mass <14 tons, it will reach GTO at about 36 000 km altitude in about 44 minutes. In GTO the Upper (third) Stage rocket was then fired for 90 seconds at the right location/direction catapulting the Parker Solar Probe out of GTO (!) at a final speed of at least 17.658 m/s into a modified orbit around Earth and (!) the Sun. The start speed in GTO was only around 2.600 m/s, so the 635 kg space craft was given a great, solid kick to reach the Sun. A basic question is: can it be done? I doubt it! Over seven years, the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft will complete 24 orbits of 88 days around the Sun and will encounter planet Venus seven times—each time performing a fake flyby/gravity assist to slow (!) the Parker Solar Probe down, so it can pass closer to the Sun with a minimum approach 2024, we are told. Imagine that! Planet Venus is orbiting the Sun at almost constant 35.000 m/s speed in 225 days or 10 times until 2024, so it is quite difficult for a space craft to encounter/collide with fast moving Venus spot on seven times (out of 24) at the right time/location/direction in space, so that Venus can slow down the Parker Solar Probe, which has very variable speeds in its elliptical orbits. No rocket scientist can explain how it is done. Media will not trumpet that it is a hoax!

The Delta-IV Heavy launch vehicle boosters were running for 5 minutes 36 seconds after lift-off, but two of them were dropped off already after 3 minutes 58 seconds flight. The first stage main engine was then running for 5 minutes 42 seconds and the second stage main engine for 14 minutes 10 seconds to arrive at GTO. The third Upper stage rocket engine was then running for 1 minute 29 seconds to kick the spacecraft to the Sun. Final speed and direction of the Parker Solar Probe after 44 minutes space flight are not known.

NASA cannot even explain how any spacecraft can leave one orbit (around Earth) and enter another orbit (around Sun). Or ... 

"At 6:07 a.m. EDT on Aug. 20, 2018, NASA's Parker Solar Probe successfully completed its first trajectory correction manoeuver (known as TCM-1), achieving a near-perfect firing of its propulsion system and putting the spacecraft on course to "touch" the Sun. ...

The team completely nailed this manoeuvre," said APL's Andy Driesman, Parker Solar Probe project manager. "Execution of the burn was exceptional, measuring at less than 0.2 percent magnitude error-which translates to a 0.3 standard deviation, or sigma, from optimal. We had defined success for TCM-1 as up to 3 sigma, which really illustrates how phenomenally this was executed." bla, bla, bla!

As of 12:00 p.m. EDT on August 20, Parker Solar Probe was 5.5 million miles from Earth, travelling at 39,500 miles per hour (17,658 m/s)."


So after leaving GTO the NASA/APL Parker Solar Probe never entered any orbit around Earth and the Sun to return at Earth after a year but went into a high speed trajectory of some sort - 17,658 m/s speed towards planet Venus after about a week in space and later at much higher speed close to the Sun. With that speed during about 192 hrs of flight to Venus the space craft should have been 7.5 million miles from Earth ... but it was only 5.5 million miles ... due to a slow start.

Here you see the Parker Solar Probe lifting off a dark night, in the wrong direction. The Sun is of course at the other side of the rotating Earth. The spacecraft shall thus get out of GTO and turn versus Venus for seven future flyby/gravity assists during 24 orbits of the Sun. It looks like the spacecraft will ditch in the ocean after 30 minutes. Many stupid people believe that seeing a rocket launch proves the rocket will reach the target.

As soon as you switch off the spacecraft rocket engines, Earth's gravity will pull the spacecraft back and reduce its speed. But if the spacecraft comes close to the Sun it will really speed up and crash and burn up on the Sun.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe's 24 different orbits around the Sun - and it encounters planet Venus seven times! Impossible!


Planet Mercury is orbiting the Sun at 48
.000 m/s speed, so when Parker Solar Probe is close to the Sun inside Mercury, its speed may be >100.000 m/s not to melt. What bullshit! More about this hoax and its operator, APL, here.

ESA Solar Orbiter will have a highly elliptic orbit (around Earth?) - between 0.9AU at aphelion and 0.28AU at perihelion and will reach its operational (?) orbit around the Sun three-and-a-half years after launch by using fake flybys/gravity assists at Earth and Venus, we are told! ESA also cannot explain how any spacecraft can leave one orbit (around Earth) and enter another orbit (around anything else, e.g. the Sun).


As flybys/gravity assists are pseudoscience, you can be assured that both spacecrafts are typical NASA and ESA hoaxes based on fake information and Fake News. There is no way you can leave one orbit around Earth and enter 24 different, variable speeds, elliptical orbits around the Sun encountering Venus seven times

My findings about human space travel also include a US Space Operations Force to support US Combatant Commands with space war fighters (!) that will save planet Earth 2023 from an asteroid collision. I am certain you haven't heard about it, so you have to read about it here. US president Trump and VP Mike Pence recently directed the establishment of a human Space Force to better protect U.S. vital interests in space.  

See Final Report on Organizational and Management Structure for the National Security Space Components of the US Department of Defence, August 9, 2018, for details, e.g:

First, US DoD will establish a Space Development Agency to develop and field space capabilities at speed and scale. The Air Force has already begun to transform its Space and Missile Center (SMC). The Department will accelerate and extend this transformation to all services by creating a joint Space Development Agency.  

Second, the Department will develop the Space Operations Force to support the Combatant Commands. These joint space war fighters will provide space expertise to combatant commanders and the Space Development Agency, and surge expertise in time of crisis to ensure that space capabilities are leveraged effectively in conflict.  

Third, the Department will create the governance, services, and support functions of the Space Force. Many of these will require changes to U.S. law. The Department will build a legislative proposal for Congressional consideration as a part of the Fiscal Year 2020 budget cycle. 

Fourth, the Department will create a U.S. Space Command, led by a four star general or flag officer, to lead the use of space assets in warfighting and accelerate integration of space capabilities into other war fighting forces. U.S. Space Command will be responsible for directing the employment of the Space Force.

So when US spacecraft OSIRIS-REx 2020 or 2021 discovers an asteroid on its way to destroy planet Earth 2023 USA is ready to send space war fighters to it and blow it up by an atomic bomb 2023. But let's not go too fast forward of the US space fantasies of space wars, space terrorism, space tourism and space mining industries, bla, bla.

USA will thus in the future be protected by six war fighting services: (1) Army, (2), Navy, (3) Air Force, (4) Marine Corps, (5) Coast Guard (part of DHS) and (6) Space Force! One problem remains - how to get Space Force war fighters back to Earth after deployment in space?

The info below I have told my own children. And I always tell the truth to my children - three daughters. They are surprised when I say humans cannot fly in space! They have seen US presidents chatting about it with asstronuts on TV, I am told! I tell them it was just Hollywood science fiction! They get confused. Like me 50 years ago.

Human, natural intelligence is very easy to manipulate by fake information. Fake information always starts as fake news published by media at the request of authorities. At my website here I present several examples of fake information:

August 1945 US media published information to the effect that two small cities in Japan had been destroyed by atomic bombs killing 100.000's of Japanese. The result was that Japan could surrender and that WW2 could be ended without any loss of face. But no atomic bombs exploded anywhere. There are no records of Japanese having been killed by nuclear radiation and weapons. USA faked it! Early Fake News!

April 1961 USSR media published information to the effect that a Soviet cosmonaut had orbited Earth in outer space and that the Soviet Union had won the space race against the USA. But no Russian cosmonuts or American astronuts were ever in space. Russia faked it! Fake News!


September 1994 Swedish media published information to the effect that an Estonian ferry, M/S Estonia, had sunk in the Baltic killing ~1.000 persons due to the bow visor having fallen off (design fault). But no bow visor fell off anywhere. It was removed from the wreck at the bottom of the sea below water! Sweden faked it! That really, finally, woke me up!

September 2001 US media published information to the effect that some Arabs had crashed airplanes into the World Trade Centre at New York City destroying three skyscrapers and killing >3.000 persons. The result was that USA could start and lose wars against terror killing people anywhere that still go on 2019. And USA hasn't won any wars against terror since 2001. And 911 was a US inside job! No Arabs involved.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new discipline developed to ensure that human fake information can be established as historic facts without further discussions and taught as such at schools and universities. My website is an attempt to show that Artificial intelligence (AI) is nonsense.

The more I read about US and European space travel, it seems NASA and ESA are trolling people to see just how much they can get away with. There are major anomalies and lots of red flags everywhere. All persons associated with the NASA/ESA space travel hoax are criminals guilty of complicity in fraud. Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain and complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them intent to act to complete the crime. To fool people with fake space trips is a crime.

The purpose of this article is also to improve your own thinking!

Thinking is the only way to sort facts from fiction, truth from lies.

Thinking is the only way to ensure an effective and happy life because it is what leads to considered action, and therefore the realizing of goals, and therefore a sense of being in control of one's life and experiencing self-esteem.

Reasons for no human beings in space are simple: human beings cannot

(A) survive radiation in space,

(B) leave Earth orbits and enter other orbits, e.g. around the Sun, to proceed somewhere,

(C) carry enough rocket fuel in the spacecraft for a return trip,

(D) re-enter and land on Earth or other planets after a trip in space,

(E) define the trajectory and calculate the timetable of a trip between moving heavenly bodies and

(F) explain scientifically how it should be done.

Only satellites can be sent - one way - into orbits around Earth

If you think that spacecrafts or special capsules with human beings aboard

(1) have been sent in high speed Earth orbits in vacuum space by rockets, then

(2) have returned by re-entry, or from the orbits,

(3) have blasted off into new, higher initial speed trajectories/orbits in new directions by other rockets,

(4) stopped and visited the Moon 1969/72 or Mars, planned or promised 2019+ but done already 2012, then

(5) have blasted off again using more rockets,

(6) to finally return to/drop down on Earth at increasing speed via other trajectories/orbits,

(7) find the location at high altitude to start a re-entry ... through the atmosphere ... and finally land on Earth ... using

(8) a parachute or (9) braking with your rocket engine (!),

you are very badly informed.

Actually you are brain washed to believe silly fairy tales!

(1) - (9) are just stupid, pseudoscientific inventions by 18 000+ NASA or similar sect members of all kind, not forgetting XPaceS gangsters or what they call themselves:

"When NASA started, it began a program of human spaceflight. The Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs helped NASA learn about flying in space and resulted in the first human landing on the moon in 1969. Currently, NASA has astronauts living and working on the International Space Station."

It is not true! No human beings have been in space! A human being stating officially having been in space is just a paid lying actor!

All Apollo missions 1969-1972 were fake!

All 135 Shuttle missions 1981-2007 were also fake!

All crew persons of the Apollo and Shuttle Missions are/were paid actors.

All NASA/ESA robot missions outside Earth orbit were fake!

NASA/ESA & Co faked everything except simple satellites in Earth orbits!

NASA is a 100% criminal US agency to create fantasy propaganda at the request of, and under the protection/control of, a ridiculous POTUS. Meet his administrators! All stupid actors too! ESA is the same.

One of the latest NASA hoaxes is the US$1 000 million OSIRIS-REx nonsense mission with an Earth Gravity Assist 22 September 2017 and a Deep Space Manoeuver 28 June 2018. In 100% fantasy spaceflight, a Deep-Space Manoeuver (DSM) otherwise known as a burn is the use of a spacecraft propulsion system to change the orbit of a spacecraft. There is then an encounter with an asteroid 3 December 2018. Asteroids colliding with Earth and the tax haven principality Luxembourg creating options for human space mining companies are other hoaxes! They are keeping plenty, stupid Arizona, American, Japanese and Luxemburgish clowns busy! Another recent space hoax on Earth was the 17 August 2017 Italian Virgo hoax. There are many more! Immoral, wicked and stupid, engineers and scientists have just invented fantasies like Solar Electric Propulsion, SEP! In the future you don't need chemical rocket fuel in space! SEP allows deep-space missions to carry more cargo and use smaller launch vehicles while reducing mission costs. SEP provides such high fuel economy that it reduces the amount of propellant required onboard vehicles for deep-space missions by as much as 90 percent. SEP will enable affordable human-crewed (!!!) missions beyond low Earth orbit. SEP uses electrostatic Hall thrusters with advanced magnetic shielding -- doing away with conventional chemical propellant delivered by a traditional rocket engine. Bla, bla, bla ...


Two US presidents and Stalin and Khrushchev

Men walk on Moon

Astrodynamic tricks and pseudoscience

The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer

A. Rocket science, fundamentals of spaceflight and human (!) spaceflight are taught at university ... even if it is pseudoscience

B. Trajectories of space travel trips cannot be predicted in a Universe full of invisible Black Holes and visible quasars

C. Gravity assisted kicks are pseudoscience fantasies

D. Re-entries on Earth after a trip in space are impossible

E. Elon Musk/XpaceS - the rocket landing hoaxes 2017/8 - US National Academy of Science

The 1969 Apollo 11 hoax

The Shuttle and International Space station hoaxes

Various NASA hoaxes

More Nasa Hoaxes


The more I read of the things NASA has said and done, it seems like NASA is trolling people to see just how much they can get away with. There are major anomalies and lots of red flags everywhere. Same with ESA.

The US space program run by NASA started in the 1950's and is going strong today and contains one big deception:

Human beings in space!

No human being has ever been in space. It was and is magic and a hoax every time. Late 1950's USA decided that human beings must fly up and orbit Earth and have a piss there but no logical reason was given ... except that it had not been done before. But the evil, communist Soviets did it before USA 1961, i.e. they faked it first. So the USA had to fake it second.

Plenty people think human beings can fly in space because they are taught so at school and media reports the latest fake news of humans in space all the time. But it is Fake News every time! Another smaller deception is that all US robotic space flight outside Earth orbit are also faked. Only simple satellites in Earth orbits exist.

Question - why does USA/NASA lie about human beings in space since almost 60 years and create all these magic tricks about it? Easy! Americans are so proud of being first on the Moon, so they believe anything including atomic bombs and Arabs destroying WTC at New York. Listen:

Google 'How to go to the toilet while flying in space to the Moon or planet Mars', and you will get 1.050,000 results in 0.60 seconds. The one this website gives is on page 1 but mixed up with nonsense how it is done. Reason is that Google is programmed to confuse matters promoting NASA and its 1969 Moon visit/pissing Fake News.

False space dr. Ellen Stofan doesn't know how to visit the toilet in space

The NASA Chief Scientist served as the principal advisor to the NASA Administrator in science issues and as interface to the national and international science community, ensuring that NASA research programs are scientifically [sic] and technologically [sic] well founded and are appropriate for their intended applications.

The last one is or was Ellen Stofan, PhD. It seems she just resigned ... or gave up ... without being replaced.

She is a real pseudo scientist that hasn't got a clue about anything except volcanoes on planet Venus. Ask her about going to the toilet in space! Does it include strapping yourself to it and relieving yourself upside down? It sounds simple but without gravity it isn't. It is bullshit ... like humans in space ...and Ellen herself! It is Fake News!

Ellen is presently looking after the toilets at some museum at Washington DC.

It is even suggested that God is in a
Black Hole in space waiting a visit by a human! Google has plenty articles about it!

So why did USA lie about it? Easy! Propaganda works, costs little and plenty money is made. Money, money, money!

There are many rockets available (or planned) today. Their inventors suggest that they can easily, e.g. carry human beings to planet Mars but none can even carry e.g. human beings to the Moon as NASA said it did 1969 - Apollo 11!

Nobody today seems to know what force (N), how much fuel (kg) and what type of rocket are needed to catapult a little, say 44 tons, 3-persons spacecraft out of LEO to the Moon and how to get that rocket, fuel and spacecraft, say total 339 tons, into LEO in the first place. The next problem is to burn 100's of tons of fuel to get out of LEO at the right time in the right direction. 1969 it was just propaganda. It never happened.

Latest examples include China's Long March 5 that can carry 23 tons to LEO, 13 tons to GTO and 8.2 tons to TLI. USA have plenty rockets; SpaceX Falcon 9 - can carry 22.8 tons to LEO, 8.3 tons to GTO and 4.02 tons to planet Mars. SpaceX Falcon Heavy can carry 63.8 tons to LEO, 26.7 tons to GTO, 16.8 tons to planet Mars and 3.5 tons to planet Pluto. SpaceX BFR can carry 250 tons to LEO (if it will be built). Vulcan (ULA) can carry 15.1/23.0 tons to GTO. New Glenn can carry 45.0 tons to LEO and 13 tons to GTO. SLS can carry 70/130 tons to LEO (if it will be built) and shall put the NASA Orion spacecraft in orbit of the Moon. Orion is funny. Europe's Ariane 6 can carry 20 tons to LEO, 12 tons to GTO and 7 tons to SSO. But you need much more capacity to put a comfortable (heavy) spaceship for humans + fuel into LEO to blast off into space going, e.g. to planet Mars. Anyway, human space travel anywhere is impossible today or ever! I explain it below. But first a history lesson! 

If you are European, you should today ask the European Space Agency, ESA, how they get their astronuts back to Earth after a trip in space! Try their frequently asked questions. No reply! Or ask the ESA Director General J D Wörner! No reply! A German, Herr Alexander Gerst has been in space several times, he says. Ask Alexander how he has gotten or will get back on Earth doing a re-entry. No reply!

Why is that? All persons associated with the ESA space travel hoax are criminals guilty of complicity in fraud. Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain and complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them intent to act to complete the crime. To fool people with fake space trips is a crime. But it started a long time ago.


Two US Presidents and Stalin and Khrushchev

Two US presidents (Roosevelt and Truman) met the USSR gangster dictator Stalin three times 1943/5 to agree ending WW2 using standard propaganda assets and lies - Fake News - of a secret, fantasy a-bomb.

After WWII the nuclear weapons propaganda fakery/lies became, assisted by media, historic Truth at small cost. Imagine that - the 1945 atomic bombs were a hoax invented by Roosevelt, Truman and crazy scientists of all kind.

Two other US presidents, Eisenhower and Kennedy, then met the USSR dictator Khrushchev four times 1955/61 to agree a joint, 100% fake space race using fake news described below. After the Gagarin 1961 and Glenn 1962 hoaxes, fantasy human space travel also became historic Truth invented by other scientists.

US presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon lied about the situation in Vietnam and got away with it until the Pentagon Papers were published 1971. Media still have not reported the atomic bomb and human space travel hoaxes.

Several US presidents finally met various USSR leaders 19 times 1967/91 to agree fake ICBMs and other arms agreements.

Details of all secret nuclear weapons, space race, ICBMs and other arms fantasies were easy to hide by US presidential, executive privileges and national security reasons. The world lived in a mist of fear and secret lies. Politicians of all sorts love selling fear. It is the only way to remain in power.

False astronut/actor John Glenn 1962

It is a world based on wars, aggression, more wars, cowardice, more wars, lies and fear. USA regularly starts and loses wars since 1945 to keep its economy going so particular interests can make money. And nobody really cares.

The American public is very easy to fool using propaganda. Most Americans believe some Arabs attacked USA 9/11 2001 and destroyed the World Trade Centre, NY, etc, that US presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump have lied about. Of course a structure does not collapse into dust from top down by gravity according to the Björkman Axiom.

Many people wonder today, why I do not believe in human space travel. Once I believed in honest people. But 1994 a ship, M/S Estonia, sank in the Baltic sea killing ~1 000 people. Safety at sea is my business and I was asked to look into it. Why did the ship sink? The authorities - Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt - informed at once that the bow visor had fallen off in extreme weather, nobody noticed it and sea water had entered the ship ... so it sank. Otherwise the ship was in perfect condition and seaworthy, it was later announced. It was a design fault, bla, bla, bla. The nonsense was presented in a Final Report 1997 and confirmed by scientific [sic] research 2005/8 by, i.a. my old university, Chalmers University of Technology. My findings were different. The ship was neither seaworthy nor in good condition. It sank due to hull leakage, probably due to sabotage. The bow visor was removed from the wreck, under water, by the Swedish Navy, where I had done my military service 25 years earlier. Small world. My findings were not popular and censored by media. My old university that assisted in the cover-up with false research took me off their register. Luckily I live happily in the south of France away from it all.

It is very easy to falsify history by disinformation and criminal people in charge of all sorts of ... science [sic] and just killing people in the know!

US presidents - Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, Trump - and Russian dictators met numerous times 1991/2018 to agree their fear relations based on propaganda, lies and Fake News. Again details of the secret agreements are easy to hide by US presidential, executive privileges. Not to forget!

The purpose of the secrecy is to allow US presidents to fool the American people and to waste money on arms, wars and space using worthless, lying scientists of all kind, while Russia/USSR just watched and didn't spend a kopek.


This cosy time is now maybe gone. American politicians have suddenly become afraid of Russia and want to take control away from the President and punish Russia. They haven't understood the fear hoax! July 2017 the U.S. Senate voted 98-2 to apply sanctions against Russia based on nothing but unproven allegations that Russia exercised improper influence over the 2016 US presidential election. The U.S. House of Representatives voted 419-3 on the same bill - “Russia Sanctions Review Act of 2017” - a little earlier. The bill ties the hands of the President by giving Congress the final say over sanctions and any relations concerning Russia. The Congress doesn't know about the old, secret fear agreements with Russia/USSR. Of course the US President may veto the decisions and ignore the Congress. Only a clown like Trump would do it. It is a great show! I do not take US fear presidents' shows serious since 1946.

Maybe it is time for Russia today to finally announce that all info, i.e. lies, about human space travel and nuclear weapons incl. ICBMs were fakery from the beginning? We will see.

In the meantime, October 26, 2017, the Pope Francis spoke with the fake asstronuts on the ISF! Media didn't make a big story about the nonsense. Maybe they had read this?

To know or understand that you have been duped about atomic bombs and human space travel for so long may be a real trauma for plenty people. It is called cognitive dissonance. Many people suffering from it contact me and are obnoxious. But many are grateful.

Men walk on Moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent agency of the executive branch of the US federal government, i.e. run by the US president according to the ridiculous "National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958". The staff is sworn to secrecy and becomes members of a well protected sect that can do and lie what it likes at the discretion of the POTUS. It will never admit that it and its European, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Swedish, etc, counterparts falsify everything ... jointly since late 1950's. The main purpose of it is to invent, assisted by criminal scientists of all kind, pure lies about space programs, aeronautics and aerospace research, incl, this 1969 joke: 

I am certain you, like me, were fooled 1969!

NYT was publishing fake fantasy news on the front page!

NYT had no reporter on the Moon verifying anything.

NYT just published what they were told to publish!

It had done it 1945 and 2001 too. An old trick! Imagine how easy it is to fake reality. Just invent something and publish it in a newspaper. It is pretty harmless, even it is 100% fantasy.

15 September 2017 the faked up spacecraft Cassini crashed on planet Saturn. It too was never in space. It was just 19 years, 11 months fakery.

And then this one: 

NASA is 2017 developing a first-ever robotic mission to visit a large near-Earth asteroid, collect a multi-ton boulder from its surface, and use it in an enhanced gravity tractor asteroid deflection demonstration.

The spacecraft will then redirect the multi-ton boulder into a stable orbit around the moon, where astronauts will explore it and return with samples in the mid-2020s.

So asstronuts (!) will leave Earth and explore a multi-ton boulder orbiting the Moon in the mid-2020s and then return to Earth with samples of it. What fantasy! You wonder what NASA clowns are inventing it. Call them (if you can find them). Telephone numbers are provided below.

All technology for human space travel was developed, tested and paid for by 1969 but, if you ask today for a copy of it, NASA will tell you all is lost! NASA cannot even tell you how to execute a trip to the Moon and how much rocket fuel you need. And if you check what 1969 info is available, you'll find it is all false!

Welcome to the most popular Heiwa Co web page, continuously up-dated, - about fake, human and other space trips!

People suffering from cognitive dissonance believe today that humans (like you and me!) have travelled in space!


All information about humans just orbiting Earth since April 1961 is false! Hundreds of persons say today that they have done space trips. They are all lying! Doesn't cost much! They are paid for it by tax payers.

Space organizations of two dozen countries led by USA and Russia have secret understandings to promote fake human space travel and similar projects. Just look at the chiefs in charge and their 'experts'. They are clowns and jokers. I show it quite clearly at my web pages here.

By US presidential decree it is illegal to make reference to these secret agreements, so MSM must trumpet that human space travel is easy and worth any costs. The secrecy is the reason why the stupid hoax works since more than 50 years.

Project Mercury was the first, 100% fake human space program of the United States, running from 1958 through 1962 starting the manned space flight hoax.

An early highlight of the Space Race, its goal was to put an American into Earth orbit and return him safely, ideally before the Soviet Union. USA lost and Gagarin of USSR faked it first. John Glenn of USA faked it later. I describe them below!

Taken over from the U.S. Air Force by the newly created independent US space agency NASA, it conducted twenty unmanned developmental flights (some using animals), and six successful, manned flights/re-entries by astronuts.

They were all 100% false Hollywood type productions/shows, though. No Americans were in space.

Fake Mercury capsule that never was in space. It had a rocket engine at the bottom end for braking and landing but was just dropped from an airplane to simulate landings. It didn't have a heat shield for re-entry

Fake Gemini capsule that never was in space

Project Gemini was NASA's second, 100% fake human spaceflight program. Conducted between projects Mercury and Apollo, Gemini started in 1962 and concluded in 1966.

The Gemini capsules carried a two-asstronot crew doing space walks, blah, blah, blah, blah. they had a rocket engine at the bottom end for braking and landing at re-entry. All was a hoax from A to Z.

Ten Gemini crews never flew low Earth orbit (LEO) missions, walked in space and re-entered between 1965 and 1966 putting the United States in the lead during the Cold War Space Race against the Soviet Union!

The USSR had a good laugh about it ... but shut up.

The Apollo program was the third, 100% fake United States human spaceflight program carried out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which accomplished landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972. 

They too were 100% false Hollywood type productions/shows. The first - Apollo 11 - is described below.

The Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM), right, was one of two spacecrafts, along with the Lunar Module (disconnected on photo right!), used for the United States Apollo program which landed astronuts on the Moon. None were ever in space, though. The Command Module had no rocket engine for braking and landing. It only had a heat shield!

Fake Apollo command/service spacecraft with rocket engine at service module end that never was in space. The command module capsule without rocket for braking was later dropped into the Pacific from an airplane to simulate a landing

Copies of the above mentioned spacecrafts can be seen at museums in the US and all over the world. None of them or the real ones have been in space! All was and is just propaganda!

"The most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked on"

pronounced by JFK September 1962 never took place! JFK was lying through his nose! He was rich, powerful, and famous and had access to the power of the government. He used coercion to force media and people to play along. And as Americans love science fiction, they played along. While JFK was fucking around in his usual manner. He was killed soon after ... or faked his own death?

Donald Trump's March 2017 order to NASA to fake landing humans on Mars 2033 is part of the hoax 55 years later. And his December 2017 show is hilarious!

Humans have not even orbited Earth in space and then landed on Earth again. All such trips were hoaxes.

One reason is that NASA & Co cannot since 1969 explain how their false heroes piss and shit in a spacecraft or capsule! When in space or in orbit the astronuts and kosmoklowns are floating around inside. They are weightless. There is no up or down! When they have to shit or piss, they act like rockets ... inside the spacecraft! The piss/shit is ejected one way and astronut or kosmoklown moves the other way. They have to hold on to something ... and the shit/piss must end up in some container or similar. How do you do it? In your space suits? When holding on to something? NASA & Co have no ideas how to do it, unless you believe this piss and this shit. Main Stream Media have never investigated the dirty matter. Since 50+ years! Here is how it was supposed to work:


Note all QUICK-DISCONNECT FITTINGS. How this Urine Transfer System worked in a no gravity environment 1969 was magic. If you asked NASA they told you to go and piss somewhere else

The Urine Transfer System (UTS) - a square bag - is stowed in one place and then quick-disconnected to a hose leading to a Filter and a Urine Dump Nozzle. What happens then is not clear since 1969. You must oxygen O2 purge the hose before use and hydrogen H2 bleed it after use. It is not easy to piss on a spacecraft!
The piss arrives in a URINE BAG to which a hose is connected. It then goes to the Urine Transfer System (UTS) and from there through a HIGH CAPACITY FILTER and a WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FILTER to the spacecraft cabin wall. Who cleans the filters is not known. I never filter my piss at home. I just piss

So no Apollo spacecrafts with pissing asstronuts visited the Moon 1969/72. It was a hoax every time! fake, easy news. Why? An Apollo capsule cannot return to Earth at >11 000 m/s speed and land on Earth after nine minutes.

Above photo shows a small NASA Shuttle with x tons payload (or is it a 5 tons empty mock-up?) being sent into space to reach the ISS by a very big 2 040 tons NASA launch vehicle - two SRBs, three SSMEs, external fuel tank - full of fuel. The ~100 tons Shuttle is connected to the launch vehicle via one little bolt that is removed, when the Shuttle and launch vehicle separate.
Shouldn't the NASA launch vehicle be a little bigger than the little NASA Shuttle?
Anyway - never believe what you see on a photo type above. It is a FAKE!

So it was fake news! But maybe the astronuts pissed in a Black Hole?

No space Shuttles flow into orbits 1981-2011 to build the International Fake Station and later returned to ground. It was a hoax more than hundred times! A Shuttle cannot return to Earth at 8 200 m/s speed and land during 1 821 seconds!

What looked like capsules or e.g. Shuttles (left) taking off, disappearing behind clouds up in the sky and later landing in front of the US president and people ... were all stage props and mock-ups. To deceive the viewers. It was big business! Still is! Plenty people assisting.

Hollywood does it today all the time using computer generated images and Photoshop. NASA just buys and copies it.

No real spacecrafts of any kind can furthermore carry enough fuel for a trip anywhere in space and return safely to Earth. I explain below!

Prove me wrong and collect € 1 million!

My web pages/reports about human and other, interplanetary or even interstellar, space travel tricks, shows, jokes, piss, shit and projects, incl. the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, billion dollars ones - Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, International Space Station, Elon Musk (lone skum) $2.6 billion (it is a really hilarious and funny one), etc, etc, will take time to study.

Hope you will enjoy it. It is great fun. Don't get upset. JFK himself promised the Americans 12 September 1962 he could sail to the Moon:

... To be sure, we are behind, and will be behind for some time in manned flight. ... but ... this will be (un-)done in the decade of the sixties. ...

Well, space is there, and we're going to climb (?) it, and the moon and the planets are there, and new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And, therefore, as we set sail we ask God's blessing on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked. Thank you.

I have met many drunken sailors. JFK sounded like one. And I am a safety at sea expert! Comments are always welcome at .

Since 20 January 2017 the USA has a new president, Donald Trump. He is a real clown and thinks that someone in the Fake Space Station is a cheat (oupps) and should be sent to planet Mars!

Donald is today in charge of, apart from the US a-bomb hoax, the US human space travel hoax! Donald must have agreed to Mr. Robert X. Lightfoot, Jr. as Acting (LOL) Administrator of the NASA the same day. Robert is just another actor, date of birth unknown, to continue the hoax! You should really wonder why the President of the United States of America, agreed to this other clown! Isn't one enough?

I assume that Donald wants to create his own reputation as explorer of the UNIVERSE and protector of planet Earth ... and just cancels the NASA nonsense, including that 30 June, 2017, the first International Asteroid Day! What nonsense was it!

Well, the United Nations have 2016 decided that the probability was 1 in 200 millions that planet Earth will collide on 30 June, 2235 with an asteroid. We have to be prepared. Plenty of past astronuts support the crazy idea. What will Donald the clown do about it?  You'll find the answers below.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence (left), another clown, paid 6 July 2017 a visit to NASA's Kennedy Space centre in Florida. Same crazy style! In keeping with the Trump administration's theme of reasserting U.S. leadership worldwide, he declared to a crowd of elected officials and NASA employees:

"We will return to the Moon and we will put American boots on the face of Mars."

12 new US asstronuts (out of 18 000 candidates) then joined 44 existing asstronuts to lie about that (after 24 months of training).

All essential NASA/XpaceS business is fakery from the beginnings! It starts to get boring today.

The NASA people faking it meet at regular intervals to celebrate - meet them! They are a stupid lot!

The fake news show about human space travel started a long time ago.

NASA opened for business on October 1, 1958, when it accelerated the work (or what you can call the nonsense?) already started on human and robotic space flight. NASA's first high profile program was Project Mercury, an effort to learn, if humans could survive in space. It was quickly learnt it was not possible!

Only sending simple, short life satellites one-way into orbits around Earth taking photos, redirecting telephone calls and making GPS possible was and is possible. So NASA decided (1) to keep the rest secret in the interest of national defence and the conduct of foreign affairs and (2) to fake it.

Other companies like XPaceS,

agencies like ESA

and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) also fake their activities to maintain the NASA hoaxes. I describe them below.

I am convinced that the president of the United States 1958 ordered the falsifications of manned and un-manned space trips and that the fakery should be kept secret forever by an Executive order to this effect backed up by laws to prevent any whistle blowers to tell the truth as described below. Call it a conspiracy, if you like. Imagine the billions of $$ stolen by NASA from US tax payers to keep the human space trips hoax alive almost 60 years. And how other companies and organizations play along.

I am also convinced that the United States and key allies and partners today use disinformation and other propaganda tools to undermine the national security objectives of Sweden, France and other countries deemed vulnerable to foreign propaganda and disinformation campaigns.

It is apparently legal!

A US federal employee with authority to take, direct others to take, recommend or approve any personnel action must not use that authority to take or fail to take, or threaten to take or fail to take, a personnel action against an employee or applicant because of disclosure of information by that individual that is reasonably believed to evidence violations of law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; an abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, unless disclosure of such information is specifically prohibited by law and such information is specifically required by Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defence or the conduct of foreign affairs.

There is today a lone skum clown on Earth offering trips for humans to planet Mars in the near future. Main Stream Media, MSM, promote him as a hero. That clown is however just fooling you ... assisted by MSM. There is no way you can blast off from Earth in a rocket ... to go anywhere in space. But Elon does it live on TV ... and lands on Earth again ... after 10 minutes! But it is just a magic show. I explain it below!

Read on! It is quite funny and interesting. Nothing to get upset about. If you don't like the music, please do not attack me! I just play the music.

Human space travel was impossible in the past and is impossible in the future. It is just a funny invention of fake news by lying presidents, astrophysicists, cosmologists and well paid fake astronuts! Tell your friends about it. Laugh about it.

Astrodynamic tricks and pseudoscience

All information since 1958 that humans can fly in space using fantasy astrospacedynamic tricks is pseudoscience and propaganda invented or made up by German, Russian and American (and other) astrophysicists, cosmoclowns and astronots on Earth, i.e. a practice which does not adhere to the scientific method. There is no evidence of anything! No spacecraft of any kind can carry enough fuel for any trip anywhere in space and return safely to Earth.

Most ordinary people today are then brain washed from birth by MSM and Hollywood to believe that human space travel is possible and has taken place, i.e. that humans can take off from our planet Earth in a spacecraft that first orbits Earth, then accelerates out of the orbit into a trajectory and arrives at and brakes, lands and stops on the Moon 1969 or planet Mars 2025 or (right) regularly docks with the International (Fake) Space Station orbiting Earth since many years and takes off again and returns to Earth.

Most people simply do not understand that only one-way launches of un-manned satellites into orbits around Earth are possible. One such un-manned satellite is the fake ISS that can be regularly observed from Earth. It is just a very big silver balloon! Maybe the size of asteroid Bennu (see below). All other satellites are too small to see by naked eyes.

There is no possibility to send away such satellites or spacecrafts further into space away from Earth orbit to, e.g. Moon, orbit the Sun or to reach planets (Mars, etc) or comets and to stop and land there and to blast off again and return.

Fake photo of astronuts orbiting planet Earth every 90 minutes at 7.000 m/s speed building the International Fake Station - half of the time in darkness. The photo is made in a swimming pool! There are therefore no videos of any astronots doing anything extravehicular, e.g. screwing together a new IFS module or repairing an antenna, as the light and background should change all the time. It cannot be faked in a swimming pool. Only still photos are provided. The asstronut actors are just hanging on not to float up or upside down in the swimming pool. The background is pasted in.

In the swimming pool the water pressure is higher than inside the IFS. To pass from the dry, air filled IFS into the external swimming pool any astronut must pass through an air lock! If the IFS was in space, the asstronut must pass into zero pressure external vacuum, which is different from entering into a higher pressure swimming pool. There are therefore no NASA videos available how to get in and out of the IFS in a swimming pool or in vacuum space. NASA couldn't fake it.

How to dock with the International Space Station (ISS)


The International (Fake) Space Station is orbiting Earth at say ~7.000 m/s speed day and night and it is one example of a NASA hoax. You on Earth yourself can easily spot the ISS with your own eyes, if you happen to be below it.

I have myself seen the ISS pass above me at Nice from West to East - between Nice to Rome - to my friend at Rome, Italy several times. The passing up in the sky takes say 8 minutes.

The ISS is quite fast up there in the sky. Most of the other times the orbitig ISS is far away from any inhabited locations. If something goes wrong up at it, there is no way to dock at it and quickly assist. Most time the ISS is thus far away from inhabited places on Earth. But who cares? No Space X Dragon crew capsule can quickly be sent up to the ISS to assist, in an emergcny. It will always be in the wrong location and can never ever dock with the ISS.

A docking with the ISS in the sky must be planned on ground long before the ISS passes above. It thus only happens in Hollywood studios!

Only complete idiots believe in the ISS!


I have found a short video how a NASA/SpaceX Crew Dragon is docking with ISS! It is all automatic! Suddenly the Dragon is close to the ISS and 24 persons behind screens on the ground connect the Dragon to the ISS, while the ISS people look on.

When and where the Dragon took off from Earth straight up at 0 speed and when it managed to reach and steer parallell with the ISS at ~7.000 m/s speed and high altitude and same direction a little later is never explained. How can the Dragon steer and change speed in space and approach the ISS?

It is a joke! Everytime! It never happens!


There are however many other ways to go to the Moon ... if you have the fuel for it, but you always in an orbit ... around Earth until you get out of it. More or less straight. Curved. Or very curved. All depends on how, when and where you start from the initial, circular orbit Earth rotating around itself and orbiting the Sun at the same time and the rocket force suddenly applied to reach the moving target orbiting Earth in an elongated orbit. All trajectories in orbits have different distances, variable speeds and directions and will take different times to execute ... while the Moon is moving orbiting Earth far away at constant speed.

There are many possible spacecraft trajectories in orbits between two moving heavenly bodies like, e.g., the rotating Earth (360°/24 hrs) orbiting the Sun at 29 900 m/s velocity in a year and Moon orbiting Earth at less than 1 100 m/s velocity in 28 days or the ISS.

If you manage to change your circular orbit around Earth towards the Moon or the ISS (make it elongated), while accelerating from 7.500 to 11 200 m/s velocity in original orbit, there are various more or less straight, curved or very curved new orbits in the same plane to reach the Moon or what ever (the ISS?).

Of course, initially, after switching off your rocket engine, the trajectory is straight, but the gravity force of the moving Earth will change your direction in the new, elongated orbit. Regardless, if you start in the wrong direction or out of plane, you will miss the moving target at the other end completely and be ... dead!

The spacecraft velocity is reduced immediately after entering the new, elongated orbit due to Earth gravity and the direction relative Earth towards Moon/ISS is changed all the time going to location "X", i.e. arrival times differ depending on trajectory chosen. At moving location "X" you leave your orbit around Earth because Moon gravity pulls the spacecraft towards the Moon (if you are in the vicinity) at increased speed and you have to brake to avoid crashing! If there is no Moon there, you will drop back to Earth again ... and continue another orbit. It is not easy to get away from orbiting Earth!

The extra force to get started to change Earth orbit from circular to elongated must be applied at high speed in orbit at the right (1) time, (2) location, (3) direction, (4) duration, (5) strength and so on. No rocket can do it. The resulting trajectory and your location in it are always unpredictable.

You are going too fast in orbit to start with and as soon as the force is not applied any longer, Earth and Sun gravity forces will pull you back and change your direction and velocity. More about orbits below.


Another reason is the so called NASA/ESA astrophysicists and astronuts claiming they know how to do it and having done it. I name them below. Look at them!

Lying Clowns! Lying Astro Actors!

You too can become an asstronut actor! Just visit NASA-seeks-explorers-for-future-space-missions or https://www. or https://www. and find out how. The web pages are quite confusing to say the least and, please note, that the FY 2016 request of $1 243.8 million for commercial crew is critical to the employment program execution; if less funding is received, NASA will need to delay milestones for employees and providers, resulting in possible contract cost adjustments and delays in certification, etc, etc. You will be well paid to lie, if employed! But only if money is available.

People, mostly actors, failed scientists soldiers, lying about human space travel are paid US$ 10.000:- or €9.000:-/month for life. It is explained further down in this long article.

The reasons why humans cannot travel in space and must lie about it are very simple. A spacecraft can never get away from the orbit around Earth, enter a trajectory in space away from Earth and later stop and land on the Moon or Mars (or a comet!) or even dock with another spacecraft at high speed in another orbit! Basic!

And it or a capsule cannot return, re-enter, and land on Earth later. It is going too fast. Gravity forces are too strong. No means to brake, re-enter and land! No spacecraft of any kind can carry enough fuel for any trip anywhere in space and return safely to Earth.

And no human being can be locked up for many years inside a spacecraft or habitat doing a boring return trip to Mars.

And then there is the cosmic radiation! Nasty stuff!

But as Russian, American and European space travel experts lie through their noses since the 1950's that humans can easily fly in space and schools, universities, academies of sciences and MSM transmit this message all the time, it is difficult to accept that you have been fooled and taken to the cleaners. Here is a typical example ... pure propaganda:

Main stream media publish anything they are told by lying scientists without checking, if it is true or possible. It is standard propaganda! Plenty magic tricks Houdini style and jokes are used. Clever inventions. Dangerous things! Lives are of course often at stake when human space flights are done! Not a true word though. Lies all of it. Stupid science fiction. No one has died doing these magic trips! Great dramas with crying parents having lost their astronut children are part of the show.

Start reading my A B C D E below why human space trips are impossible! It is easy reading. Easy to understand. Then tell your friends about it.

But why not start with the NASA September 2016/December 2018 joke? An asteroid visit! It is a small part of a bigger hoax: the US Department of Defence hoax about a US Space Operations Force to support US Combatant Commands with space war fighters that will save planet Earth 2023 from an asteroid collision.


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