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Pictures From my Trip Around Italy

(Father Ficino on the Left, Pico della Mirandola in Center, from St. Agostinos in Florence)

Pictures from Rome

Page 1  Pictures of the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum
Page 2  Basilica of St. Mary Maggiore 
Page 3  Saint Peter in Chains
Page 4  Saint John Lateran, the Holy Stairs, Holy Cross of Jerusalem
Page 5  Saint Agostinos 
Page 6  The Pantheon 
Page 7  Basilica of Saint Clement, Basilica of Saint Maria Sopra Minerva, and Ruins
Page 8  Saint Paul's Basilica, Saint Cecelia's, Temple of Vestal Virgins
Page 9  Saint Peter's Basilica
Page 10 Vatican Museum Pictures 

Pictures from Florence

Page 1 Pictures of the Cathedral in Florence (The Duomo)
Page 2 Holy Cross (S. Croce) 
Page 3 Pictures of Florence taken from on top of the Duomo
Page 4 Saint Maria Novella, Saint Mark, Baptistery
Page 5 Old Medici Home, Michelangelo's David and a Pieta

Pictures from Assisi

Page 1  All my pictures from Assisi

Pictures from Milan

Page 1 All my pictures from Milan

Pictures from Padua

Page 1  All my pictures from Padua


Pictures From August 1999 in Egypt