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Saint John Lateran Basilica

The Papal Basilica


Outside the front of St John Lateran Basilica

Where one exit's St John Lateran (on the side).

Monument outside of St. John Lateran

Inside the Basilica

The Holy Stairs

Entrance to the Holy Stairs

St. Helen had the stairs of Pilate's mansion moved to Rome. These were the stairs Christ ascended, bleeding from the torture he had received, to receive the sentencing of Pilate.

Outside the side of the building where the Holy Stairs are located.

Holy Cross of Jerusalem

Basilica set up by St. Helen to House the Holy Cross

Holy Relics of the Passion of Christ: Two sections of the Holy Cross, including a part of the Greek portion of the sign put on the cross; the finger of St. Thomas the Apostle; one of the nails; some thorns of the Crown of Thorns.



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