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About the Scarlet Edge & History

Started in 1986, the Scarlet Edge Winterguard joined the Mid-York Circuit in Novice Class.  The guard became successful quickly under the guidance of Patti Parry and Mike McGregor (who later married, with the guard in attendence) and quickly moved up the ranks.  In 1991, after winning gold in the Mid-York Circuit, the Scarlet Edge went to WGI Regionals in Rochester where they placed 5th in the A Class.  This was the first and only time Scarlet Edge attended the World Championships in Dayton Ohio, placing 30th is an estimated group of 70 teams. 
After Patti and Mike moved to Oklahoma due to a military transfer, several instructors gave it a try.  In 2003, the guard was cut from the band and school budget.  Several long time members spent all summer planning on how to save the guard, and found a volunteer instructor (we love you Ashley!) and a volunteer director (we love you Nancy!)  The Scarlet Edge rose again as an independant guard.
Most of the current team of members and crew have been involved in this guard for several years in a row.  The Scarlet Edge has again risen in rank and hold the gold championship for three years in a row in the IRA class. In 2009, Scarlet Edge moved up to IA class, against teams that are sometimes college-aged.  This is a great testament to the talent and dedication of all the staff, crew, and the guard members. 

A special thank you to Julie Reynolds, Hayley Reynolds, Michael McGregor and others for helping us fill in the history!