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Scooter's Room
(This page has a lot of pictures so Please be patient while it loads)

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Welcome to MY part of Fido's Doghouse

Um, Can somebody help me... My paws won't fit on the keyboard

Whoa, talk about a Bad Hair Day!

Over the months My sis's made a bunch of "mini pages" for me, but now I have my own. *grin*

In case you haven't figured it out, My name is Scooter. Yes the rumor is true, I am a mutt(lol) I'm part Terrier and part who knows what. I'm in the Glory days of my youth, being 4 human years old.
I'm a ladiesDog, lol

Some things I like are, Going for walks, Chasing Squirrels, Getting to ride in the Car

Somebody zoom the camera in on me, hee hee hee I'm tired

My friend here is Way too quiet...Cat got your tounge Buddy?

I'm much cuter, lol

My family adopted me from the Animal Adoption League of York County.

Hee hee hee...Smile Your on Candid Camera!

one of my beds is right next to the kitchen table..

(A perfect place to beg for table scraps from, lol)

Check out my Designer Dog Bed

The other, is anywhere I want it to be, hee hee hee.

hee hee hee,,, I'm livin' large

hee hee hee, I'm so loved in my Family
*sniff sniff* i feel so loved, hee hee hee

Somebody Play With Me


Grrr, I don't need a cat to guard my house!!!

Webrings Scooter's In

Scooter's WebTravels!!!!

new cube thingyAnimated Scooter Gifsanother new cube thingy


Runnin' in Place

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(Composed by my sisters Mel, and Mia(aka Fido)

Fido's Adopted "Brother" Scooter!!!
My Dog the Squirrel Hunter!
Celine's Homepage
Fidos' Doghouse2...The Upstairs

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Bye and have a Grrrreat Day!!

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Scooter's Room was created on June 4th, 1999