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Woof!, Check out all the places I've Been!

Who Would've Thunk, a dog could be multilingual.

Mir ist in Wein

For Those of you who are German-Speakingly Challenged, this is me saying "So Many Flowers,... So Little Time", LOL

This is me in Paris...Isn't the Eifel Tower Awesome?
According to my Mom in this picture I'm saying "Hello My Friends"


Gulp, here i'm yelling "HELP!"...for obvious reasons while sittin' on top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Aloha means Hello and Goodbye in Hawaiian
(look at me, i sure do put on the pounds during vacation, lol)

This is me in Tokyo, Japan asking "What time does Wal-Mart Open?"...Well, it seemed like a meaningful question at the time

Here I am in Sydney Australia, Mates!

Got Beer?

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