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We recognize that providing support and maintaining your telephone system is critical to customer satisfaction.

The level of support received once a product or service is sold is a key factor in deciding what company to purchase from. EDS Telecom offers full on-site warranty for all systems installed by us for 12 months from the date of installation.  Issues can normally be solved by phone or by email and our service rep will be able to access the phone system via modem.   Failing this, a site visit will be arranged within 2 working days of fault notification.
EDS keeps a very large stock of all the accessories and spare parts. Other items can usually be obtained within 24 hours from the suppliers.

Warranty and Maintenance Agreements
All systems and equipment are guaranteed for a full 12 months - labour and parts. 

We offer a variety of extended warranty and maintenance contracts. We will be happy to review the options based on specific needs and requirements.

EDS Telecom & Electrical Engineering
11 Hatekufa Street, Jerusalem 92328, ISRAEL
+972 (0)2 678 1627