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June 19, 2004 10:00 AM
Parry Sound High School

Call to Order at 10:05 am

Minutes of the last Executive Board meeting were read. A friendly amendment was made to Brother John Demerse’s report; the first line should read ‘Manager’ not ‘Supervisor’.

Motion by Laure Phillips to accept April Executive minutes as amended; seconded by Ray Thomson. CARRIED

Motion by Ray Thomson to move into General Membership meeting; seconded by John Demerse. CARRIED

1. Reading of the Equality Statement

2. Minutes of last GM meeting (February 2004) were read.

Motion by Ray Thomson to accept as read; seconded by Laure Phillips. CARRIED

3. Treasurer’s Report
Christine James moved that Treasurer’s Report be accepted as presented. Seconded by Ray Thomson.

There was a question regarding the Statement under Operating Expenses –Flowers, Gifts, etc……..$100.00. This expense is a bereavement donation in accordance to the Local #1165 Bylaws SECTION 5 (L).


4. President’s Report (see attached)

Sister Pollock informed us of the current status of the 1165-2 OCT benefits costs. The Joint Benefit committee will continue to look at benefit options although there seems to be little alternative with the exception of a return to insured plan. The NNDSB does not support this. The unit’s Negotiation committee will research further options in order to present a brief at negotiations. The other units within the Local will be surveyed to understand what their packages are offering.

Pam also mentioned our members that are assigned to modified work duties. We, as their co-workers should be welcoming them and encouraging within the workplace. It is the Local’s duty to accommodate as well as the employer.

5. Bylaws Committee:

The committee continues to work on the update and a motion for adoption of the new Bylaws will be presented to the membership at the meeting on September 18, 2004.

Denis Miner made a suggestion that the Revised Bylaws be available to members prior to the meeting if possible. In response they will be posted to the CUPE Local #1165 website prior to the meeting. Copies will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting and the vote for adoption will be held at the end of the meeting.

6. VP Reports -
1165-2 Ray Thomson reported three grievances ongoing within the unit. There is one outstanding grievance that the Board has not yet responded to. In this instance we may have to consider grieving the time line for response as per the Collective Agreement.
Jim Wilson is presently working with three ongoing WSIB cases and 1 LTD pending.
1165-1 Laure Phillips – Nothing to report.
            Darryl Burgess – Nothing to report.
            John Demerse has been contacted with a member’s complaint from within a secondary school that teachers are
            doing the work of the bargaining work. This will be followed through.
1165-3 Conseil Scolaire Catholique Franco-Nord – reported a harassment grievance filed by a member. The issue was resolved
            satisfactorily with the help of the V.P. at the site.
1165-4 Conseil Scolaire Public du Nord-Est de l’Ontario – No report
1165-5 Aramark – No report
1165-6 Transportation Consortium – No report

7. NNDSB Committees –

Negotiation Committees - 1165-2 Custodial Maintenance negotiating team continues to meet. The committee will finalize a package and then present it to the unit membership for consideration. 1165-1 OCT negotiating team continues to meet.

PD Committee - 1165-1 unit was asked to appoint a representative to a PD Committee. A meeting was held at the Board Office in North Bay. Marsha Cresswell, Chantal Calhoun, Linda Oudekerk, Jackie Trudel, Pam Avis Pollock. PD Day will be held on December 3, 2004.

Health & Safety Committee – Cynthia Mantle was our 1165-1 representative on the committee. She has resigned the position and we are inviting any interested members from the unit to contact the Recording Secretary for more information. This committee meets once a month to review Health &Safety reports submitted from sites. Their mandate is to ensure that requirements are being met. The issues are related to staff only not students. Costs for this committee are covered by the Employer.

8. Upcoming Elections

Notice of Election to be held on October 16, 2004 was given. Members were informed that nominations will be received by the Recording Secretary by fax or email or mail up to and at the General Membership meeting to be held on Saturday, September 18, 2004 in North Bay.

Motion by Laure Phillips; seconded by Darryl Burgess that

Whereas the by-laws will be presented and assuming they are passed at the next

General membership meeting in September, therefore be it resolved that the

Executive recommend the October elections follow the new bylaws with the

understanding that the bylaws still must be approved by C.U.P.E. National and

should this not happen a new election may have to take place.


9. New Business:

Vice Presidents for 1165-1 and 1165-2 were reminded of the need for communicators at a few remaining sites and asked that they be sure that each of these communicators is aware of what is expected of them. Some were not clear that other members would be counting on them to inform of meeting

10. Next Meeting - September 18, 2004 North Bay.

Motion to adjourn by Ray Thomson; seconded by Jim Wilson at 11:50 am.

Adjournment – Quorum was lost





















New Member Package



Membership Card

Standing Committees
(how do you get on, what do they entail, who is on them now)
Information sheet to return to Recording Secretary