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Membership Application

The Membership of the club is open to anyone who loves Triumph Sports cars or owns one. Ownership is not a prerequisite. There are no restriction on membership except the person must pay the annual dues. A family may join, pay the annual dues and shall receive a single membership number and a single vote in all the votes taken by the general membership. Each single membership shall be provided with a name bade while additional name badges for other family members may be purchased.

Dues are $20.00 per year

Central Florida Triumph Register

Application for Membership/Renewal

NEW:________     RENEWAL: __________  MEMBERSHIP # (if Renewal):___________

NAME: ___________________________________________

SPOUSE/OTHER: __________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________


CITY: ____________________________________________

ST: _____________  ZIP: _____________  PHONE:___________________ FAX: __________________

EMAIL: ___________________________________________

Model: _________ YEAR: __________  COLOR: __________

Model: _________ YEAR: __________ COLOR: __________

         Mail to: CFTR, 

                    C/O Dotten 102 Garfield Road, Deltona, FL 32725


CHECK # ___________   DATE: ____________