Coleman Hawkins

Коулман Хоукинс

Coleman Randolph Hawkins (1901-1969), one of the most produced jazz saxophonists. Coleman Hawkins

  Coleman Hawkins was born in Missouri, originally played on a piano, then has passed on a tenor - saxophone, which became it the main tool   Was trained to music in college in Topeka, in Kansas and professionally played in Kansas - city while in 1921 the (Mamie Smith) has not invited it in the collective Jazz Hounds.

   After in 1923 the first recordings with this collective were made, Hawkins leaves it and in 1924 passes in an orchestra Fletcher Henderson, in which ten years work the following.   In 1934 he comes to England and works in the beginning with an Jack Hylton's Orchestra,and then with various European collectives. In 1937 he is written with Джанго Рейнхардтом and Стефани Граппелли. Coleman Hawkins

  In 1939 Hawkins comes back home. In послевоенные years he - one of few джазменов of epoch 20-30 years accepted би-боп.
  In 1944 he invites in the collective Телониуса Монка, takes part in early recordings Dizzy Gillespi, works with Miles Davis.

Woody 'N' You   (Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra).

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