Fletcher Henderson

Флетчер Хендерсон

  The pianist, аранжировщик and chief of an orchestra Fletcher "Smack" Hamilton Henderson, Jr. was born on December 18, 1897 in state Georgia, has died on December 28 1952 in New York.

  The known jazz innovator, whose аранжировки have resulted in birth and success of a swing, one of the authoritative musicians and chief of the orchestra which has come on the early New York jazz scene, Henderson occurs from негритянской of family of middle class.

  He was trained of chemistry at university of Atlanta, has arrived to New York in 1920 after ending university to work on a speciality, but has detected, that for the man it of race this possibility is closed. He finds operation as the pianist and musical director in the company W. C Handy, then leaves this operation, becoming the manager in Black Swan Recording Company, and organizes an orchestra for performances with исполнительницей of a blues Ethel Waters.

On the first recordings he accompanies Bessie Smith and Ethel Waters.

  The orchestra Henderson, generated in 1923, appeared in "Cotton Club", which white owner invited to appear of the black musicians. The collective Henderson becomes known, as the first large orchestra playing jazz Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra In it an orchestra such known musicians played, as Don Redman and Coleman Hawkins, and in 1924 Henderson invites Louis Armstrong.

During 20 years Fletcher Henderson supervises very successful both in commercial, and in the musical schedule over collective. The sound of its orchestra has resulted in birth of a swing and has defined свинговое sounding of the consequent ten years.

Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra continues to appear and per 30 years, but in it repertoir defined, in main commercial success at audience, popular tunes and simplified аранжировки even more often sound, it is more, than swing suitable for танцзала. When the collective finally breaks up, Henderson sells a little аранжировок and begins to work with Benny Goodmanas the pianist and аранжировщик.

  He leaves Goodman in 1943 and comes back again in 1947. He again works as аккомпаниатор with Ethel Waters in 1948 - 1949. In 1950 he transfers impact, after which does not appear any more.

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