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Only the best music sites gets put up here so you won't have to visit a link with nothing good to download. Yeah and all these mp3 places here are perfectly legal.

Enter The Top 50 Free Music Sites

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mp3-2000 - This place has all the lastest mp3 song titles from song artists. It has over thousands of latest mp3. If it's in the music stores then you could find it in mp3 here.

mp3 Place - This place has every mp3 tool you need to play around with. Also has a mp3 search engine for you to search for songs. - This place has all the lastest mp3 song titles and also has lots of mp3 softwares. It's like a combination of mp3-2000 and the mp3 place.

Music 4 Free - Hundreds of free mp3 to download.

RadioTicker - A free radio ticker for your webpage It gives you free membership in the sponsor webring. Creates instanct traffic to your site and adds fresh and ever changing contents. Also adds fresh music to your site.

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