Eddie Condon


Eddie Condon

Eddie Condon was born on November 16, 1905. He was one of set of the white jazz musicians in Chicago of a beginning 20 years. To play of the beginnings on банджо with " Jazz Bandits " Hollis Peavey per 17 years.

In 1927 he together with Red McKenzie supervises over collective McKenzie-Condon Chicagoans, which recordings were popular among white джазменов Chicago.

Eddie Condon After involvement in a number of recordings Condon is switched to a guitar and in 1929 leaves for New York, where works with "Five Pennies" Red Nichols and "Mound City Blue Blowers" Red McKenzie.

He takes part in various sensational recordings, including one with Loius Armstrong in 1929, appears together with Jack Teagarden, Gene Krupa and Джо Салливаном.

Per 1944-45 he suits a series of concerts in Town Hall, which are weekly broadcast till radio. The own club Condon opens in 1945 near to the house on Washington - square.

In 50 Condon is much written at studio Columbia and carries on the television show "The Eddie Condon Floorshow".

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