Louis Armstrong

Early years in New Orlean

Armstrong was born in one of poor areas of New Orlean, Сторивилле, August 4, 1901. The father in family was not, and Louis lived with the mother, Mary Ann and sister Beatres, which was younger for two years. Sometimes mother disappeared on some days, and then children moved to the grandmother, Джозефине Armstrong.

The unique man in family, Louis early has felt all weight of this responsibility. From the earliest childhood he earned money by sale of the newspapers, and evenings sang in urban streets in structure of a quartet of the friends. Was engaged by sale later coal, worked in a port.

Armstrong with the mother, Мэри Энн (Майенн) Armstrong
and sister, Беатрис Armstrong (" by the Mum Люси ")

Villard Paddio
Courtesy of the Louis Armstrong Archive
Queens College, CUNY

Initial music education Луи has received in " Jones Home ", educational institution for colour children, where has got in 1913, having arranged shooting from a pistol during celebration of New year.

In a shelter there was an own orchestra, which frequently appeared not only in the educational institution, but also on various urban holidays. It is no wonder, that Louis, for the first time in life felt reliance that at it will be not only breakfast, but also the supper, compared later stay there to a boarding house. The first musical tool was тамбурин, which then has replaced корнет. The musicians received costumes for performances, and standing with корнетом in an orchestra, which was listened by the first faces of city, small Louis felt by the very important and solid man.

Having stayed in a shelter 18 months, Armstrong has left it enough техничным by the musician, which skill already sufficed on appearing with present новоорлеанскими by the musicians everywhere, where such possibility was given. Gradually Louis and itself became the present musician. At this time at him the nickname, сопровождавшее it all life - Satchmo, abbreviation from Satchel Mouth , " a mouth similar on кошелку " has appeared.

At this time Armstrong gets acquainted with Joe "King" Oliver, which on long time becomes it an idol and teacher. Oliver was one of strongest новоорлеанских of the musicians of that time (alongside with Jelly "Roll" Morton and Sidney Bechet).

Loius Armstrong and King Oliver.
1922 г.

Chicago and New York

In 1922 Armstrong leaves New Orlean and by the invitation King Oliver (left New Orlean in 1918) comes in Chicago to appear with an orchestra Оливера Creole Jazz Band, and in 1924 moves in New York, where works in structure of an orchestra Fletcher Henderson.

Armstrong comes back in Chicago per 1925 and at this time period it of recordings with own collectives " Hot Five " and " Hot Seven " begins.

In the same time he gradually passes from корнета to a pipe. At this time he wrote down things for ever including in gold fund of a jazz "Cornet Chop Suey", "Hebbie Jebbies", "Potatoe Head Blues", "West End Blues".

Per 1929 he comes back in New York, where appears in " Connie's Inn " in Гарлеме and on Бродвее in Connie's Hot Chocolates,. The jazz becomes the phenomenon in world musical culture, a Armstrong it by the leader. He goes in Europe, and Europe applauds him. In November, 1934 Le Magazine du Jazz (Bruxelles) writes: " Armstrong arrives! Who such Armstrong? The present king of a jazz. "

Before war Armstrong some times has visited in England, France, Holland, countries of Scandinavia. It was the period of the intense performances, constants of moving from a place on a place. Buses, trains, planes, hotel rooms - the life " on sprockets " was given uneasily and took away many forces.

But Armstrong quitted on the scene not simpl& to work - he quitted to give the people pleasure. Such ratio to the music he has carried by through all life and creativity

"All Stars"

In August, 1947 the performance Armstrong's with new орекстром " All Stars " was held. In further all of its performance passed with this collective, though the structure it varied. In different time in it played тромбонист(Jack Teagarden), кларнетист Барни Бигард and others. Still in довоенных performances Armstrong of the beginnings to sing, and did it also excellent, as played. He " used a voice, as the musical tool, and musical tool - as a voice ".

With years the illness of lips being a consequence incorrect амбушюра, was developed so, that began to cause the musician of suffering every time, as he put a pipe to lips

Therefore in recordings these years it is more than its unique вокала.

In послевоенные years Armstrong and " All Stars " have travelled all planet, have visited in the most exotic places from Iceland up to Ghana and New Zealand. In 1968 the composition "What A Wonderful World" in fulfilment of the 67-year's foreman has risen on the first places in charts of America, and in 1969 the world screens were bypassed by a musical "Hello, Dolly". In March, 1971 last performances Armstrong's and " All Stars " in New York have passed, and July 6, 1971 it did not become.

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