A.Adil, A.Madani, Asma Mundrawala, Danish Ahmed
David Alesworth, F. Hussain, Huma Mulji, Imran Qureshi
Jaishri Abichandani, Jitish Kallat, Kausik Mukhapadhya
M.Sohail, Munawar Ali, Naiza Khan, N. S. Harsha
Quddus Mirza, Rashid Raana, Riyas Komu
Roohi Ahmed, Sharmila Samant, Shez Dawood
Shilpa Gupta, Sumaira Tazeen, Tushar Joag


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Aar Paar2000, an exchange project between India and Pakistan took place through April- May 2000. Five artists from India and five from Pakistan made works which were swapped between the two countries to be shown simultaneuosly in street shops in Karachi and Mumbai.
Participating artists from India included, A. Balasubramanium, Bharti Kher, Kausik Mukhapadhya, N. S. Harsha and Shilpa Gupta, and from Pakistan, Asma Mundrawala, Danish Ahmed, Naiza Khan, Quddus Mirza and Roohi Ahmed.

The project is an artists initiative, we would like to thank Prakash Rao, Mumbai for photography and all participating artists and exhibitors for their support.

paar 2000