A.Adil, A.Madani, Asma Mundrawala, Danish Ahmed
David Alesworth, F. Hussain, Huma Mulji, Imran Qureshi
Jaishri Abichandani, Jitish Kallat, Kausik Mukhapadhya
M.Sohail, Munawar Ali, Naiza Khan, N. S. Harsha
Quddus Mirza, Rashid Raana, Riyas Komu
Roohi Ahmed, Sharmila Samant, Shez Dawood
Shilpa Gupta, Sumaira Tazeen, Tushar Joag


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Venue : Letterte, Mary Bldg., 107 A, Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai, India

Untitled : Wax, etc on board : 8 x 11 inches
I sent a latex piece with 3 words printed in Urdu The words were painted by a commercial sign painter. I did not want to be involved in the process of writing the words myself. The words were then coated in 5 layers of latex, so they were barely legible. The words were - ' tayyar' - ready/with a view to expecting something ' intizaar' - in waiting/ anticipation ' khaamosh' - silent/ quiet or made to be quiet These words were part of a play done by Sheema and Khalid at the Alliance some years back. Sheema had done a one-woman play, which dealt with the issue of women living in the home and what they had to deal with in those situations. The words had been in my mind for a long time, as well as other ideas that were raised. What fascinated me was how open and ambivalent the words became when I started to place them in another context - a street shop in Mumbai...The three words could very well be a war cry, before a battle...they had very sexual connotations with a sense of submission. I was quite aware of the fact that few people would be able to read the text, and that the text would make the work 'other', and hence act as a subversion. The latex for me works as a coating that suppresses that 'sound' - like words that are muffled, or whispered.

paar 2000