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I re-discovered the computer game Diablo about 3 months after it first came out and played on and off for about 6 months, then set it on a shelf and didn't bother with it again. Hubby and I wanted to play a game together one day and Diablo is just about the only game you can play together where the object isn't to kill each other.

I became bored with my usual newsgroups and subscribed to just to see what was on there. After reading the posts (which took about 3 days of constant reading) I felt I'd found a new second home. The majority of 'regulars' that populate agd are nice, helpful and just all-around great people. After my first couple of posts they made me feel welcomed into their little 'family'.

My thanks go to the following people

Celleste for being a real friend in real life
SubSpace for helping me run JustUs and for just being himself
Paladijn for helping me run JustUs
Stalker for helping me with my pkk and being a friend
Cindy for letting me know that I'm not the only nice bitch out here
Chuck for always being so nice to me in JustUs
Ghost_Wryt_R for sticking up for me when I was unjustly attacked on the ng
Rich for getting all my RHPS references
Mad`Doug for being so nice to me in #justus
TuffGuy for 'worshipping' me for awhile on the ng
Vox for the hugs and smooches in #justus
ALHK for joking with me on the ng
Tony for being so nice to everyone
Dark Half for joking with me
LEB for being a friend
A.G.Turner for helping me on my first trips on battlenet
Ken and Dalai for their humorous posts

A special thanks to Moe for that wonderful little .dat file he made for my daughter so that she could play Diablo with me.

And thanks to all the others that aren't listed. Without you all, agd would not be all that it is.

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