You won't find a lot of technical stuff here on these Diablo pages. This section is for those that visit newsgroup.

I started reading and posting to the newsgroup back in June 1998.  I got to know a very diverse group of people.  Eventually we went on to form a channel on battlenet called JustUs where we could meet up to play a friendly game of Diablo. You'll usually find me in there as SR'sJustusBot - that's my bot's name. I have a 24/7 internet connection so I leave my bot SR'sJustUsBot there to help manage the channel.

If you haven't discovered the newsgroup yet, check with your local Internet Service Provider to see if their newsserver carries the group, and if not, surf on over to and read the posts from there.  I promise you'll learn more about Diablo than you ever imagined and you'll meet some nice folks too that would love a game with you.


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