Our   Family's   Journey     By Robert Lee French   My Quest for my ancestors began in the Summer of 1989.  

As with all young children and teenagers, I neglected to listen to the stories told by my elders and neglected to ask questions concerning the roots of my ancestors, I was only interested in having fun and playing games.

Family reunions were very important to the elders of my family, and they took place almost every year.  A wealth of information could have been collected in those days, information that seemed unimportant at the time and useless to me.  Now the elders have passed on and how I wish that I had paid attention to the many stories that passed from lips to ear.  Today, it is too late, and now, I have to dig and search for tiny bits of the puzzle.

I have searched many documents, cemeteries and official records to put together this small journal.  It is impossible to imagine all of the hardships and events that these ancestors of ours had to witness and endure, in the generations that this writing covers.

I hope that you will enjoy learning a little bit about these long forgotten beings that once walked the earth, as we do today.

My Journal will start with a time line beginning in the 17th Century.
Below is a graphic of the "Gunn Clan" tartan.  Each Clan had their own pattern and colors, and were recognized by the Tartan they wore. I will start the Journey with my "Gunn" ancestery

   The territory of the Clan Gunn was in Caithness and Sutherland, and the clan claim to be descended from "Olave The Black", Norse King of Man and the Isles, who died in 1237.  The clan were noted for their war-like and ferocious character, and continued to extend their possessions until the 15th century, but their continual feuds with other clans led to their settling, at a later date, chiefly in Sutherland.  A chief of the clan who flourished in the 15th century was George Gunn, who held the office of Crowner, the badge of which was a great brooch.  He lived in magnificent style in his castle at Clyth, but was killed by treachery in 1478 when endeavoring to arrange a reconciliation with the "Clan Keith", between whom and the Gunns there had been a continued feud.  The Crowner was one of the greatest men in the country at that time, and his death was avenged about a century later by his grandson, who killed Keith of Ackergill, his son and twelve followers at Drummoy in Sutherland.

Feuds continued between the Gunns and the MacKays, and the Earls of Caithness and Sutherland, and in 1585 the Earls attacked the Gunns, who, although fewer in number, held the advantage of a position on rising ground.  The Gunns killed 140 of their enemies, and only darkness prevented a greater slaughter.  The Gunns, however, were later defeated at Lochbroom by the Earl of Sutherland.

  Some Genealogy


Nathaniel Pistole Gunn was born in England, he married Salina Pope at Southwark, England in the year of 1648.

Children of Nathaniel and Salina Gunn were:

I.      Thomas Gunn I, born 1 July 1650 in Southwark, England
II.     John Gunn
III.    Francis Gunn
IV.    Elizabeth Gunn
V.     Mary Gunn
VI.    Ann Gunn

At this time we only have information about Thomas I and his family.

Thomas Gunn I

Children of Thomas Gunn I

i. Thomas Gunn II , b. 1689, in Amelia Co., VA, m. Sarah Boatright

ii. James Gunn

Ref: Will Book: George Barnes, Charles City, VA., 17 December 1783/7 Apr 1784. Sister Esther Barnes, Brother John Barnes' son, William Barnes, Thomas Gunn's two sons James Gunn and Thomas Gunn. Sons of my brother Duke, John Barnes and Lucy Barnes, daughter of my brother John Barnes, Exors: William Hardyman, John Crew and George Royster. Wit: William Hardyman, Isham Craddock. Charles City Co., loose papers, Box 51, Folder 271.

Thomas Gunn II, b. 1689, Nottaway Co., VA, m. Sarah Boatright

Children of Thomas Gunn II and Sarah Boatright

i. Thomas Gunn III, b. 1738, m. Susannah Burnett. Thomas d. 1800

ii William Gunn, Sr., b. 7 March 1726/7, Nottaway Co., VA, m. abt 1764 to Hannah White, daughter of Samuel and Sarah White. Hannah was b. 1740. Wm d. 25 September 1797 in Brunswick Co., VA.

iii. Rebekah Gunn Webb

iv. John Gunn

v. Mary Gunn Jeffres

vi. James Gunn

vii. Edey Gunn Hogan

viii. Daniel Gunn, b. abt 1733, Will dated 1 Apr 1798

ix. Elisha Gunn

x. Elizabeth Gunn Sharp

xi. Sara Gunn Yarle

Last Will and Testament of Thomas Gunn II

[Notorized copy of the following Will by the clerk of the circuit court of Amelia Co., VA, Will Book 2, page 303, Amelia Co., VA]

"In the name of God, Amen, I Thomas Gunn Senr. of sound and disposing mind and memory thinks it necessary to make and ordain this my last will and testament which is as followeth:

Item, I desire that my loving wife Sarah Gunn should have the whole of my estate both real and personal in possession during her natural life, and after her death to be disposed of as follows: Item, I give my whole estate both real and personal to my son Thomas Gunn after the death of my wife to him and his heirs, on his paying the following legacies. Item, I give to my daughter Rebeckah Webb 5 pounds to be paid her in 5 yrs, Item, I give to Elizabeth Sharp 5 pounds to be paid her in 5 yrs. Item, I give Sara Yarle (Yaxle), 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my son Wm. Gunn 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my son John Gunn 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my dau Mary Jeffres 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my son Jas. Gunn 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my dau Edy Hogan 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my son Daniel Gunn 5 pounds to be paid in 5 yrs. Item, to my son Elisha Gunn 60 pounds to be paid ten pounds a year. Item, to my grandson Sterling Gunn, son of Thomas Gunn, my negro boy named Cupit to him and his heirs. Lastly I appoint and ordain my son Thomas Gunn my whole and sole Executor to this my last will and testament in Witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 7th day of March one thousand seven hundred and seventy seven.


Thomas X Gunn



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