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Revolutionary War Patriot

I walked in the burying-yard, and viewed the granite tombestones erected over the graves of my ancestors ... four generations, of whom very little more is known than is recorded upon these stones. There are three succeeding generations of us now living. Pass another century, and we shall all be mouldering in the same dust or resolved into the same elements. Who of our posterity shall then visit this yard? And what shall be read engraved upon the stone?

John Quincy Adams
September 20, 1823

William Gunn Sr., was born on March 7, 1726/27 in Nottaway Co., Virginia. William's birth was registered at St. Peter's Parish, Nottaway County. He was the son of Thomas Gunn II and Sarah Boatright. William Gunn married Hannah White, daughter of Sarah and Samuel White, ca 1760, in Brunswick County, Virginia. He died on the 25th of September in 1797. He was a Revoutionary War Patriot (DAR (supplement) 1982 Index Patriot, PS VA).

Children born to Hannah and William Gunn Sr., were:

William Gunn

Richard Gunn, b. 26 June 1761

George Gunn, b. ca 1765

Radford Gunn, b. 20 October 1777, Brunswick Co., VA, m. Sylvia Read 13 September 1797

Sarah Gunn Huff

Molly Gunn Barker

Nancy Gunn, b. Brunswick Co., VA, m. 5 January 1797 to Stephen Moseley

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