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【1999年10月分】〜 6 Messages

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  • 99/10/24 15:13 Tetsu Tanizawa Age: ?

    It was nice meeting and drinking at Hamadayama.
    I did not know that was your 1st C3 calling, you looked really got to it.

    Tetsu ... used to be called "Gotchaman"

    99/10/18 00:40 Tom and Pearl A Kardos Age: 65
    When in Los angeles, dance with the many clubs of Western Square Dance Association.
    Contact us for referrals and club schedules. We are officers of WSDA

    99/10/17 10:25 Audrey & Stan WIlson Age: 62
    Looks great. Join us for fun in 2001

    99/10/05 18:08 井上義三 Age: ?45

    99/10/05 10:05 kate mairs Age: ?
    Thanks! Your info was really helpful!

    99/10/01 21:27 Krister Pettersson Age: ?
    Hi there!
    Me and my whife have danced one year and we like it a lot. Thank you for the good instructions.

    Have a nice day from Krister (Sweden)

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