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【1998年09月分】〜 7 Messages

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  • 98/09/27 02:30 Jg Altmeppen Age: 29
    I think your ani gif's are just the greatest thing i've ever seen before.
    It was great fun visiting your site, thank you.

    Square Dancer since 1985
    Hannover, Germany

    98/09/26 13:31 Nnncy Bond Age: 43

    98/09/25 09:02 Lorne Lockrey Age: 50's
    Hi There I am a Canadian caller of 18yrs and think your page is great.
    Your animations are sure a usefull tool, they are sure to help a lot
    of dancers and callers alike. All the best in your future endevours.

    Question ?-
    Do you dance to english calls in your country all the time
    as I am led to believe? If so the language must be a problem
    during the learning proccess, is this true ? - - Lorne

    98/09/24 11:28 jane kennedy Age: +
    thank you for the most entertaining and informative squares.

    98/09/19 07:03 Charlene Chatfield Age: 66

    Thought the instructions were great. We did Square Dance many years ago, but have not found time to do it lately. Might get back into it.

    98/09/19 00:40 Steen rudberg Age: ?
    Very nice home-page.

    Best regards

    Steen Rudberg
    Hamlet Grand squares
    Elsinore - Denmark

    98/09/03 14:13 Bjorn Andersson Age: 58
    Well done. It was very interesting to see the animation.
    At my age it was however a little to fast.
    I it is possible to freeze the movement att a number of points, and
    from each freezing, go on, it would be very nice.
    Then everyone can "read" the movments in their own speed, and probably
    get more out of it. No doubt an animation like yours can bee a good help
    in future classis.
    Thank you for bringing it to mee.

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