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Mainstream (2) No.60 - 60

. . 60. Cast Off 3/4
People Involved 2 dancers / 4 dancers
START mini wave / line
END mini wave / facing couple
Movement Each half of the line or wave works as a unit and moves forward around a pivot point three quarters (270). If the adjoining dancers are facing the same direction, the end dancer becomes the pivot while the other dancer moves ina semi-circle around the pivot. If the adjoining dancers are facing in opposite directions, the pivot point is the handhold between them and they move equally around that pivot point.

. . 61. Walk and Dodge
People Involved 4 dancers
START mini wave box / facing couple
END back to back couples / mini wave box
Movement From box circulate formation, each dancer facing into the box walks forward to take the place of the dancer who was directly in front of him. Meanwhile, each dancer facing out of the box steps sideways (dodges) into the position vacated by the "walker" who was formerly beside him. Dancers end side byside, both facing out. If walk and dodge is called from facing couples, the caller must designate who is to walk and who is to dodge (e.g., "men walk,ladies dodge"). Ending is a box circulate formation.

. . 62. Slide Thru
People Involved 2 dancers
START facing dancer
END couple / mini wave
Movement Dancers pass thru. A man always turns right one quarter (90); a lady always turns left one quarter(90). Dancers end side by side with each other.

. . 63. Fold Family
People Involved 2 or more dancers
START any two dancer formation in which thedirected dancer has a shoulder directly adjacent to the other dancer.
END various
Movement GENERAL RULE: Directed dancers step forward and move in a small semi-circle to end facing toward an adjacent dancer or position. The adjacent inactive dancer may be facing in any direction and does not move. If not specified, centers fold toward ends and vice versa.
(a) BOYS FOLD, (b) GIRLS FOLD, (c)ENDS FOLD, (d) CENTERS FOLD: Directed active dancers fold toward the inactive dancers using the general rule.
(e) CROSS FOLD: Starting formation-line, two-faced line, or wave. The directed (active) dancers who must either both be centers or both be ends, fold toward the farthest inactivedancer by walking in a semi-circle to end facing toward that same dancer. When the active dancers are both facing the same direction, they move forward in a semi-circle, pass each other and fold toward the inactivedancer.

. . 64. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
People Involved 4 dancers
START facing couples / facing tandems
END Left-Handed Wave
Movement From Facing Couples: The right hand dancer steps forward andto the left to become the lead dancer in a tandem. Lead dancers join righthands and pull by. Moving to the other trailing dancer, each extends a left hand and touches to a left hand mini wave and turns one quarter (90). New center dancers join right hands and form a left hand ocean wave.

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SAMPLE SEQUENCE - Graphical Image Training
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