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A Lochgelly West School primary class from 1984. Back row (left to right) Lee Robertson, Colin Chalmers, Willie Davidson, James Arnott, Richard Clowes, Charles Lawrie, Derek Wilson. Second row - Stuart Brockie, David Hopkins, Paul Shepherd, Stuart Bratchie, Neil Fraser, James Searle, Barry Brown. Third row - Lyndsey Holmes, Kirsty Ferguson, Lynne Scott, Karen Livingston, Michelle Malcolm, Pamela Black. Front row Daniel Farrell, Russell Seath, Cameron Bell, William Upton and Steven Graham.


Charlie Kennedy's class at Lochgelly West Primary School around 1983. Back row: Robert McKellichan, Robert Courts, Alex Searle, Neil Ferguson, Gary McLelland, Ryan Marshalsey, Barry Steele, Iain Young, Stephen Aitken, Mr Kennedy Middle row: Pamela Fyfe, Collette Murphy, Caroline Woodrow,  Mandy Drummond, Davina Muir, Susanne Devlin, Gillian Moran, Sharon Brown. Front row: Heather Swan, Linda Fraser, Caroline Wilson, Jackie Brown, Nicola McMillan, Catherine McGregor, Clare Hutt. Sitting: Michael Lister, Douglas Hutt


Lochgelly West School circa 1981 - Back row - Steven Louden, Steven Marshall, Brian Fraser, Clark Dalrymple, Matthew Easson, Kevin Douglas, Walter Martin. Middle - Stephen Black, Stuart Luke, Steven Allan, Kevin Hodge, Alan Shepherd, Paul Malcolm, Gary Clark, Thomas Farrell. Front - Debbie Fenton, Audrey Carlisle, Lorraine Burt, Linda Crombie, Michelle Birch, Michelle Wallace, Caroline Davidson. Seated - Wilma McGuinness, Maxine Thomson, Elaine McDonald.


The pupils in teacher Mary Reid's 1983 class at St Patrick's School are - Back row (left to right) Aran Durham, Kerryann McQueen, Jacquie Miller, April Simpson, Peter Thorbjonsen. Middle - Paul Smith, Barry Watt, Christopher Olzok, Michael Macari, Steven Rodger, Billy Stewart, Steven Watt. Front - Marie King, Sally Connor, Debbie Geddes,  Stephanie Courtney, Susan McMahon. 


Lochgelly West Primary School 1948 -  sent to me by my former classmate, Helen Lomas (Graham) whose amazing memory has so far identified the following: Back row - Ian Petrie,  BLANK, Billy White, Ian Fraser, Tom Muir, Billy Guild, James Wilson, BLANK, Finlay Wilkie, Ian Parker, Tom Cook, John Reid, Ian Francis, Peter Cormack, Miss Hardie.  Middle row - Ogilvie Nicol, Ian Farley, Christine McPherson, Margaret Dewar, Ann Gair, Janet Gair,  Georgina Walkingshaw,  BLANK,  Dixon Crowe, Ian Lesley. Front row - Marion Wyse, Margaret McEwan? Annie Millar,  Helen Graham,  BLANK,  BLANK, Jeanette McKinlay, Christine Emslie, Barbara Currie, Ena Beveridge, Joyce Thomson, Ellen Legge, Rachel Martin, Christine Haldane. Any help in filling in the blanks would be much appreciated.


Former Lochgelly West pupil Isobel Stiven, now living in America, sent this picture of Miss Spowart's 1955 class and Andy Nelson, formerly of Newton Farm, has completed the class line-up by naming the pupils Isobel didnt know. Back row (left to right) Charlie Mitchell,  David Cairns, Eddie Johnston,  David Glencross, Godfrey Wodjinski, Alan Thompson, Robert Adams, Andrew Nelson, David Clark, Tommy Courts. Second row: Isobel Barclay, May Muir, June Forester, Sheena McLean, Netta Gerrard, Isabel Stiven, Anne Young,  Isobel Salmon, Elizabeth Love, Isabel Shanks, Third row: Maureen Beveridge, Helen Guthrie, Moira Muir, Marion Baxter, Isobel Dewar, Ann Forbes, Margaret Scott, Margaret Greenhill, Greta McKinley, Agnes Ritchie. Front row: Harry Petrie, Ronald Muir, Eddie Gibb, Jim Bailey, Owen Muir


The South School class of 1947 was: Back row - A Leslie, B Gilmore, D Brown, J Capaldi, C Harrower, J Johnstone. Second row - E Bell, C Anderson, M Welsh, M Motion, E McParlane, B Clark, N Gavin, M Pettigrew. Third row - I Salmond, J Allan, M Calder, H Brown, J Stein, E Torrance, H Murray, B Calder, N Harrower, E Duffy, R Wilson, M Preston. Front row - M Cook, W Seaman, A Deas, G McKenzie, J McCaw, C Millar, D Sutherland, T Cairns, J Graham, A McLean, J Bauld.


South School 1949 - Back row - D Newlands, E Duffy, M Moffat, M Laing, J Spence, E McParlane, I Munro, I Hogg, L Stiven, M Welch. Second row - C Cairns, ? Scott, A Harris, J Carson, D Brown, B Paul, D McGaughey, S Russell, J Campbell, C McLoud, D Herd. Third row - H McMillan, B Scott, E Goodwin, E McPherson, S McMillan, J Clark, B Hunter, J Adams, S Pratice, I Motion, J Cairns. Front row - A Bauld, D Campbell, A Lawson, I Shorthouse, J ? 


Former Lochgelly man Jim King sent me this excellent photo of his South School classmates taken in 1956. Back Row - Allan Kennedy, George McGuire, Ronald Suttie, Harry Muir, Jim Christie, Walter Geddes, Jim King, Peter Nisbet, Johnnie Skinner. Middle Row - Ann Cook, Nancy Gibb, Margaret Hodge, Jeanette Marnoch, Emily Rhind, Elizabeth Livingston, Catherine Smail, Catherine Allan, Sandra Clark, Moira Allan, Doreen Jack, Nancy Bain.
Front Row - Etta Horne, May Hunter, Elizabeth Primrose, Evelyn Swan, Marion Craigie, Hazel Clough, Anna Kirk, Margaret Paxton. Sitting - Sandy Trodden, James Kirk, Billy Sutherland, Jim McNab.


South School 1950 - Back - J Johnstone, D Naysmith, R Gilmore, B Steven,  S Russell, DBrown, C Harrower, C Millar, J McCaw, D Sutherland, W Seaman. Second row - I Munro, M Motion, D Thomson, A McLean, T Scott, A Leslie, J Brown, J Graham, D Archibald, M Cook, E Duffy, H Murray. Third row - J Russell, S Anderson, M Pettigrew, E Torrance, B Sutherland, E McParlane, J Spence, J Stein, R Wilson, M Louden, I Salmond, M Welsh. Front - M Calder, D Newlands, M Stein, B Souter, J Cairns, H Brown.


Margaret (Kilgour) Graham supplied this 1951 South School photo and  named everyone in Miss Saxton's class. Back row - Billy Guild, John Bernard, Archie Lowe, David Smail,  John McCall, John Band, Christopher Swan, David Duff, Bobby McIvor, Pete McKinlay. Second row - Sandy Geddes, Bill Davidson, Tom McMillan, Ann Christie, Isobel Crawford, Lena Miller, Bethal Easton, Ian Duffy, Jacky Stuart, Ian Flannigan, Douglas Barr. Third row - Kay Fairgrieve, Anna Rae, Norah Hodge, Agnes Calder, Isobel Dick, Norma McPherson, Annie Miller, Helen Munro, Isobel  Wilson, Mary Gavin,  Anne Paterson, Margaret Kilgour. Front row - Jim Sutherland, Tom Watson, John Kirk,  Ian Forrester, Peter Ritchie, James Adam, George Dick.


Tom Johnstone sent in this West School picture. Back row - Douglas Yule, Billy Graham, Tom Faulds, Phil Crichton, Henry Martin, Kenneth Salmon, David Stewart, ? Ian Finlayson, John Blair, Gordon Reid. Second row - Anne Shanks, Janette Robertson, Joan Bissett, June Dickson, Margaret Paterson, Isobel Page, Fay Jarvis, Jean Gibb, June Allison. Third row - Anne Muir, Jean Brown, Betty Logie, Doreen Wilson, Linda Stewart, Annis Penman, Rita Saunders, Christine Johnston, Wilma Graham, Isobel Muir. Front row - James Cowburgh, David Henderson, Tommy Johnston, David Johnstone, Gordon Aitken, Tom McLean, Robert Jackson, Billy Black


A South School picture from Allan Marnoch who has named most of his class but any help in filling the blanks would be appreciated. Back row -  George Erskine, Bertie Miller, Ian Sutherland, David Adam, Ian Mitchell, BLANK, Allan Marnoch, Duncan Maguire, John Blamey,  BLANK, Tom Docherty,  Harry Patterson, David Deas. Middle - Alicia McConnell, BLANK, Heather Grant, Ann Patterson, Ruth Suttie,  BLANK, Moira Thompson, Jean Lumsden, BLANK, BLANK, BLANK, Elaine Page, Christine Miller,  Isobel Peebles,  Ann Mcgillvery, Marie Hunter. Front - Grace Hunter, Isobel Homes,  BLANK, Margaret Millar, Margaret Morris, Mima Stewart, BLANK, Catherine Herd, Elizabeth Fleming.


Cathy (Lynch) Simpson takes centre stage in the front row of this 1948 photo from St Patrick's Primary. Janet (Fernie) Kennerell has been in touch to identify a few more. She writes "I am second from the right with bow and ringlets in my hair.  On my right is Elizabeth Mackie, and on my left is Ann Rogers. In the second row the girl with glasses is Jeannie Smith and next to her is Rita Keenan who I now believe is living in Australia. I left Ballingry for Canada in 1959.  I have had quite a few trips back and have lovely memories of Fife.


Jim Graham provided this photo of a 1949 class at Lochgelly West Primary School. Back row - David (Rankin) Craigie, David Splitt, George Logan,  BLANK,  Jim Graham, James Kennedy, James Muir, Stuart Davis, Jimmy Deas, Alan Reid, Lynn Softley, BLANK. Middle row - James Downes, Gwyneth Jenkins,  BLANK,  BLANK,  Helen Riggans, Katherine Penman, Bertha Beveridge, BLANK, Marion Smith, Sheena Oates, Sheena White, Frazer Andrews. Front - BLANK, Anna Charleston, Katherine Kirk, ? Muir,  BLANK, BLANK, Sheena Miller, Agnes Aitken, BLANK, Bella Martin, Anne Nisbet, Sandra Gray, Agnes Inglis.


My old prefab pal Alan Hunter sent in this photo of his Lochgelly West Primary School class of 1955 but it was classmate Beryl (Richardson) Wilson who came up with trumps with most of the names. Back row (left to right) Jim Muir, Billy Brunton, Billy Young, Mike Starr, David Hogg, Alan Hunter, Alex Blair, Ormand Beattie, Danny Barr, Abe Sinclair, James Stewart.  Second back row - Marion Abbot, Helen Niven, Moira Dryburgh, Beth Leslie, Harriet Battes, Sandra McMillan, Trina Herd, Janet Davie, Ina Reid, Mary Cameron, Sandra Jarvis. Second front row - Anne Russell, Evelyn Kippen, Sheena Miller, Janet Aitken, Janet Reid, Beryl Richardson, Andrina Hunter, Catherine Primrose, Christine Ramsay, Nicholas Conway, Janet xxxx?, Anne Emslie. Front row - Davie Allan, Harry Petrie, Bernard Matthews, Herbert Richardson, Ian Drysdale, Raymond Lucas, Billy Milne, James Riggans, David Shand.


 George Leishman provided this photo of his class at Lochgelly South in 1959. He named the front row - Johnny Burrell, Ian Green, Clark Sutherland, Dod Leishman, Alan Bowers, George Bathgate, Jim Grant, Billy Craigie, Mike Campbell, David Tyrie. Second - Angela Thomson, Margaret Murray?, Lyn Beveridge,  Christine Wallace, Linda Hunter, Helen Devlin, Mary Bell, Helen Mathieson, Ina Patterson, Marion Gibb. Third row -  Ron Ferguson,  Tam Brown, James Kirk , Jean Jamieson, Martha Law,  BLANK, Barbara  Robertson, Liz Wilson, William Walker, Les Johnstone, Desmond Kerr. Back row - Joe Purves,   Roger Black,  Pete Robertson, Ian McPherson,  BLANK,   Andy ?, Charles McGregor, Billy Dick, Kenny Brown, Angus Marnoch. Can anyone could identify the others.


Another 1950s photo from Lochgelly South School. Back row - A Bernard, W Beveridge, T Faulds, W Ramsay, F Wilson, H McIvor, T Scott, A Wallace, A Johnstone, G Wright. Second row - S Scott, K Linklater, R Marshall,  K Thomson, C Geddes, M Kinnell, S Beveridge, I Stiven,  A McKinlay. Third row - N Graham, R Bathgate,  K McNab, L Neilson, S Graham, M Forsyth,  J McCurley, Front  row: J Brockie, B Dawson, I Porterfield, D Ferguson, D Flanigan, A Hodge, A Morgan, E McLelland. J Clark.


Derry Hay (third from the left, back row) sent in this St Patrick's School piciure of Miss Daly's class of 1950. Derry has identified Joe Mathews, Pat Diggan, Dave Herd, Ken Young, Tom Reid, Tommy Cox, Emilio Nardone, Mike Foley, Margaret Cusack, Ann Davidson and one Anne Geddes with whom he was madly in love with as she used to share her toffee with him. Any help in naming the classmates would be appreciated while Derry would love to hear from any of his old friends at aahay@shaw.ca


Another pic from Allan Marnoch who managed to pick out George McGhie, Jim Smart, Grant Hannah, Hugh McPherson and Ian White in  the back row and George Bennett, Susan Band, Jim Brown and Bob Purvis in the next.  Agnes Swan, Margaret Burns, Jeannette Porterfield, Margaret Murray, Sheila Cairns and Margaret Millar are in the third row while Andrew Davidson is in the front.


Margaret (Dickson) Parker  aimeeeve27@yahoo.co.uk sent me this picture of Miss Adam's class at Lochgelly West taken in 1948. Back Row - Danny Sutherland, Ian Spiers, John Cook, David Cairns, Gordon Crawford, Hugh King, Bryce Jackson, Dick McKinlay, Alex Emslie. Middle Row - Alan Wright, Margaret Steedman, Janet Malcolm, Margaret Heigh, Norma Whitelaw, Agnes Matthews, Alison Hunter, Isobel Ramsey, Ella Blair, Margaret Lamond, Ian Hogg. Front Row - Isobel Barclay, Cathie Smail, ???, Evelyn Blyth, Margaret Dickson, Janet Smith, Joyce Johnstone, Janette McMurray, Joan Low, Christine Leslie, Ethel Bonthrone.


A superb photo of a Lochgelly South School class in 1958, supplied by Jim Fergus. Back row (left to right) Bob Adamson, Willie Reid, Jim Fergus, Douglas Bathgate, Adam Swan, Harry Davidson, Eric Condie, Bobby Rolland, Alex Lamond, Frankie Gibb. Second row - Jeanette  Wright, Moira Greenhorn, Betty Barnes, Margaret Conway, Enid Allan, Nancy Walker,  Gail Hutchison, Rita Torrance, Shona Carstairs, Ruth Carson, Grace McKinlay, Lorna Henderson. Third row - Alice Maxwell, Grace McGregor, Helen Cairns, Betty Adam, Elizabeth Ritchie, Evelyn Chapel, Janice Stuart, Margaret McMillan, Agnes Pettigrew. Front row - Jim Davidson, Geordie Whyte, Alex Bathgate, Ian Crawford, Frank McLean, |Jim |Kinnell, David Lawrie, Alan Craigie.

John Muir would love to hear from any of his classmates at lochgelly@bigpond.com


An old family friend Sandra Wilson (nee Higgins) sent me this photo which features her husband Tom's late uncle Willie McGuire, formerly of 129 South Street. Well-known Lochgelly businessman Davie Mazzoni captained this cup-winning team from West School.


Pictured above is the Lochgelly West football team which won the League Cup in 1948. Captain Ronnie Hunter, seen holding the trophy, would love to hear any information on the life and works of any of his former teammates. Ronnie, of course, went on to play senior with Raith Rovers while fellow "prefab dweller" Bert Douglas played for Hearts. The full line-up is: Back row (left to right) Peter Anderson (teacher and football coach), James Cairns, John Stewart, George White, Tom Dow, Walter MacPherson, headmaster John Harrison. Middle: Jim Boden and Richard McKinlay. Front: William Starr, Robert Douglas, Ronnie Hunter, Tom Ewing and Peter Young.


This Lochgelly South School photo was sent in by Roy Whitehead who managed to identify some names of the 1946 primary 7 class. However, Bill Robertson has added many more names all the way from the Gold Coast in Australia. Can anyone help fill in the blanks? Back row (from left), Donald Henderson, blank, William Robertson, Jock Keddie, Roy Whitehead, Robert Crawford, Harry Milne, David Gray, George Hannah, John McKay, Sidney White. Third row - Blank, Blank, Blank, Blank,  Blank, Blank, Blank, Lilias Arthur, Blank, Jean Clark, Blank, Mrs Westwater. Second row- Blank, Ann McKinlay, Betty Baird, Blank, Isobel McLelland, Jean Halliday, Betty Millar, Betty Morris, Isobel Motion, Blank, Blank, Jean Adams, Blank Front row - James Stevenson, George Wilson, Jennette Reid, Cecelia Pratis, Frank McAlpine, Betty Reid, Christine Cruikshanks, Ronnie Graham, Alex Page.


Colin Salmon sent in this West School photo from around 1970. Back Row - Miss Woods, Joyce Waterson, Linda Stevenson. Jackie McKinlay. Hazel McCormack, Anne Robertson, Karen Smith, Myra Paterson, Catherine Maul, Eileen Swinley.  Second Row - Colin Salmon, Ian Dougary, John Allan, David Millar, Iain Ford, Richard Johnston, Alistair Gray, Willie Stark, Craig Handyside. Third Row - Sandra Lowe, Evelyn Telford, Gwen Reid, Caroline Milne, June Scott, Lynne Graham, Margo Mackay, Linda Pitblado, Karen Moyes. Sitting -Patrick Wallace, Bruce Hughes, Joe Petrie, Andrew Goodall, Kenneth Smith


Two pictures sent in by Anne (Conaghan) Scullion are shown and any help with names would be appreciated. Above in the 1949 class photo at St Patricks School are - Back row (left to right) blank, Archie Noone, Gerald Ferris, blank, John Small, John O'Donnell, Bernard Walsh, Robert O'Reilly,  Steven Nardone, Donald Rodgers, blank, ? Grant, blank. Middle row - Pat Foley, James Burke, Catherine Cox, blank, Ellen Wilson, Nancy Haddow, Jean Lonie, Margaret Docherty, Anne Conaghan, Janet Connolly, David Burnside, James Scullion (no relation). Front row starts - Jemima Maguire, Ursula Malone, Margaret Geatons, Margaret Stuart, Fay Rafferty, May Brady, Kathryn Livingstone, Isobel Houston, Margaret Sullivan, Ann Connolly, Margaret Clarke, Elizabeth Nardone, Frances Rafferty.


 Another picture from Anne (Conaghan) Scullion, this time showing the Lochgelly corps of the Red Cross, but it was Elizabeth (Duffy) Wilson whose remarkable memory came up with the names. Back row (left to right) Margaret Salmond, Betty Chalmers, ???,  Rena Linklater, Joan Meikle, Fay Gildea, Jean Adams, Isobel McClelland, Ena Gair and Fay Whyte. Front row - Anna Traynor, Sandra Anderson, Anne Conaghan, Margaret Docherty, \Margo Clark, Betty Bennet, Helen Brown, Betty Souter, Myra Donaldson, Doreen Newlands, Helen Graham, Elizabeth Duffy, Effie Burt, Marion Stein and Joan Russell.   


Mr Watson's class of 1955 at Lochgelly West School sent in by Eric Wiggins who would like some help in identifying the pupils. My former classmate John Farrelly helped me get started and the Graham family filled in many of  the blanks but anyone who knows more of the names please email me. Front row - BLANK,  Keith Emslie, BLANK, John Rolland, Ian Brown, BLANK, Roy Graham,  Robert Wilson, Bobby Crichton. Second row - William Erskine, Jean Wilson, Bunty McClarence, Moira Lumsden, Christine Michie, May Brown, Betty Wright, Marion McDonald, Lorna McPherson, Ethel Yule, BLANK. Third row - Robert Graham, Ray Bolt, Margaret Robertson, Jean Baillie, Jane ?, June Jarvis, June  Adamson, Joan Steedman, Betty Hynd, BLANK. Back row - BLANK, John Splitt,  George Andrews,  Adam Hynd, Harry  Bird, Arthur Seath, BLANK, Eric Wiggins, Bobby Graham, George Currie,

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