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Credits & Links

Credits and Thanks

The contributions and development of this website can be attributed to several people who have become my good cyber friends and fellow Phan Rang'ers.  

Special attention and credit is given to Mike Vogel who provided much of his outstanding technical assistance in getting this site to fruition.  I met Mike when I signed David Foote's website guest book.  David was an Australian assigned to Phan Rang with the RAAF 2nd Squadron, and has an excellent website relative to the Aussie's at Phan Rang.  Mike had contacted me and said that David was no longer with us and would I like to contribute early Phan Rang information to his site at
As we became very good friends he suggested that since little was known of early Phan Rang history and I being one of the first group of personnel assigned during its "Gray Eagle" days, would I develop a site attributed to that period.  This website is that product.  I have additional photos and comments that can be viewed at Mike's website.  

I also thank James "Terry" Farmer, Chuck Adkins, Joseph Dias, Jerry Linton, Joseph Barth, Dennis Chapman and Bart Sarat for taking time to snail mail old shoe box photos from each others Phan Rang days for scanning and use at the site.  

I thank John Elliott for his fantastic panorama scan of Phan Rang Air Base during the period of late 1967 through 1968.  This scan reflects how much the base had developed from its early Gray Eagle days of 1965/1966 to the time period when he was there.  John also has a very excellent website reflecting Australian efforts at Phan Rang.

Special thanks is also extended to Don Averett for his permission to go into RED HORSE country and use information and photos from the very important Red Horse efforts in developing the base.

Thanks to Jim Henthorn for his permission to use topographic maps of the local Phan Rang area and  Ninh Thuan Province.  His website at provides excellant map references of the entire Southeast Asia area of South & North Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.

John Taylor is especially thanked for his permission to use the aircraft photos from his web site of the first combat USAF aircraft at Phan Rang.  John is an excellent author of adventure novels and his two thrillers - Behind the Green Water and A Flash of Emerald are highly recommended reading - he packs a ton of adventure into action-filled page-turners.

Another website I think most would enjoy is that of a former South Vietnamese Army & Air Force Officer now living in the United States.  He was one of the lasts to leave Phan Rang Air Base before capture by the North Vietnamese Army. His name is Michael Do.

Photo contributions for this site:

James "Terry" Farmer, USAF, 1882nd Communications Squadron

Chuck Adkins, USAF, 1882nd Communications Squadron

Don Averett, USAF, 554th Civil Engineering Squadron (RED HORSE)

Robert Claud, USAF, 366th/35th Air Police Squadron

Joseph Barth, USAF, 366th/35th Air Police Squadron

Joseph Dias, USAF, 366th/35th Combat Support Groups

John Elliott, RAAF,  2nd Squadron

Jerry Linton, USAF, 366th/35th Civil Engineer Squadron

Bart Sarat, USAF, 366th/35th Supply Squadron

John M. Taylor Jr., US Army, 101st Airborne Division

Dennis Chapman, USAF, 35th Armament and Electronics Maintenance Squadron

Carl Adams, USAF, 35th Security Police Squadron K-9

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