Lake Rudolph Camp Resort
Santa Claus, Indiana

First of all,if you are planning a visit here,
I urge you to read the Campground Review for this site.
That said, apart from a few garbage-burning campers,
this adventure had some rather pleasant surprises.

We came for the Holiday world experience right next
door to the campground. In fact, the pond
where we paddle-boated reaches underneath the Raven rollercoaster
which partly overhangs the water. We loved shouting
and waving at the passing coaster riders from our paddle boat.

Holiday World was a treat. All the soft drinks are
free throughout the day, and there were rides suitable for everyone.
Two of the wooden coasters, Raven and Legend, are rated tops in
the nation. There's also an adjoining waterpark, Splashin' Safari,
which is free with admission to Holiday World.

A pleasant find for us was the Lincoln Boyhood Homesite located nearby.
The homesite, which is a State Park, recreates farm life during
Lincoln's boyhood days.There's also a short movie presentation in the museum
and you can visit the gravesite of his sister Sarah and his mother Nancy
hidden back in the woods, and in a secluded churchyard.

Also, a wonderfully professional performance of "The Sound Of Music"
played alternating nights with "Young Abe Lincoln" at the
Lincoln Amphitheatre. We saw "The Sound Of Music" and thoroughly
enjoyed it.There was nothing amateurish about the production.

It just goes to show, that you never know
what new adventure lies just around the corner!

Lincoln Homesite photos

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