Another perfect, beautiful weekend, at our
favorite spot. Some friends camped adjacent to us,
the moon was full, the weather still and clear,
and, of couse, the usual bubba-fest happening behind us.

The first night of our trip, we were startled
by a very large skunk who wandered into camp,
fearless of us humans. He walked right up to the picnic table,
nosed around, and then walked up to the fire.
He stayed around for quite a while before retreating,
only to return several more times that night.
The children soon learned that the sound of "skunk!" meant run!

I don't know if he found better grub the next night or what,
but he only came to the edge of camp the next night,
his bright eyes shining in the firelight.
What a close call with nature...thank goodness,
nobody got "skunked" on that trip!

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