Breaking In The Pop-up

Berry Bend, Truman Lake, Missouri

Since our youngest daughter, Sarah, was only 5 months old
(and, a preemie at that) we decided to
pony up the dough for a pop-up camper to keep us high and dry.
We got a splendid deal on a new Starcraft Spacemaster
With a slide-out, heat, a/c, the works!
And boy, did we ever need that a/c!

It was 105 degrees for 2 of the days we were there!
We couldn't even bear the thought of a campfire!
But still, a good time was had by all.
We couldn't figure out why our refrigerator wouldn't work
until we checked with the dealer after getting back;
seems the temperature was just too extreme for the fridge!
But boy, that Dometric a/c worked great!

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