Obnoxious Campers

Everyone has their stories about obnoxious campers
intruding on their peaceful retreat. This certainly was the case
on this camping trip!

Our nasty neighbors pulled into camp around 11 PM
and, after circling a few times, and a few attempts
to back into camp (with lights on, of course), they proceeded
to set up camp...in total, along with loud music, loud, foul language,
and the fragrance of "wacky weed".

It took a trip from our "nice neighbors" and I (separately) to the
campground host before a camp ranger came to settle them down.
It was almost 3AM by then.
Needless to say, these buffoons slept in, and when they finally
did emerge, it all started again.
Again came the rangers (our "nice neighbors" did the honors
alone this time) and soon the group sped out of camp,
leaving all their stuff behind...they'd be back!

Our "nice neighbors", who came from several states away,
then departed, several days early.And so did we.
We passed the rowdy campers on the way in,
watching them speed angrily toward camp.
We eventually got a refund for the remainder of the stay.

There truly should be a more ambitious attempt
to get these sort of campers out of our state parks
so that families and nature lovers can enjoy their visit
without fear or intimidation.

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