This Site Is Full Of Pictures Of Bad Drivers

There Are Two Kinds Of Bad Drivers

Nazi Bastards - People Who Knowingly Do Stupid
Things With No Regard For The Saftey Or Rights
Of Others

Stupid Jerks - People Who Are So Stupid They Don't
Realize They Are Breaking The Law Or Endangering The
Lives Of Others

If you see your picture in here and aren't surprized, then
you're a Nazi Bastard.
If you see your picture here and are surprized at seeing
yourself, then you are a stupid jerk.
Look at the page this links to if you want to see
some classic action.

Here are some pictures of Nazi Bastards and
stupid jerks
with thier results.

Here's what one stupid jerk did to his nieghbors
for 4th of July.

Here's a page with someDISCLAIMERS

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