Croak Files Episode 2-10/7/2000

Prof Croak:  Hello, I'm Professor Croak.  Welcome to this weeks edition of The Croak Files. Today we're here with Hash, Missy, and Sock, the famed Smokemon twerps, uh, I mean "Team".

Missy: Hi, Professor Croak!  It's great to be on the show, but first I want to tell you that though "Smokemon" is great, my absolute favoritest thing in the world is "My Little Ponies".  They're the bestest!  Because they have pink ones, and all my favorite colors, my favorite color's pink you know.  And I like candy too, especially the really sweat kind.  Anyway I was--

Croak, Hash, and Sock: Missy, shut up!

Missy: But they have purple ones too!

Hash: Shut up, Missy!

Sock: Can't you take a hint, Missy?

Hash: I'd like to apologize for my annoying companion.  It's great to be on the show, Professor.

Croak: And it's great to have you.  So, who's this?

Hash: This is one of my companions, Sock.  He's a gym leader.

Sock: And a super-sexy ladie's man!

Hash: You mean a ladie's sock.

Sock:  Well, if you're going to be a racist, fine!

Hash:  If you could just--

Croak:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's get to the questions, now.  Okay, our first question is from J.P. Fizzlecraft from Pinchfork, New Michigan.  He writes, "Who's the leader of the team?".

Missy:  Well, I'm the leader because I'm the prettiest, Doctor Croak.

Sock:  No, I'm the leader because I'm the super-sexy one!

Hash:  You morons!  I started the whole thing, I'm the leader!

Hash, Missy, and Sock: No, I'm the leader.  No, I am!  I'm the sexy one!  I started it!  (etc)

Croak: Well, that's it for this week.  Maybe we'll be able to answer the question next week on-