The Croak FilesA Message from Professor Walter Croak, Smokemon Master:

Hello, Welcome to the Croak Files, I'm Professor Croak.
The Croak files is a sort of radio show, broadcast in
The Smokemon Universe on K-CRK.  We provide you with inter-
views with Smokemon and their trainers, as well as tips and
tricks about how to catch Smokemon for yourself.  A new Croak
Files will be added about once a week. If you have any
questions, email me.
Professor Croak

  Professor Croak,
Smokemon Master

The Croak Files
See it!Hear it!Episode One: Professor Croak interviews Hash Browne.
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See it!Hear it!Episode Two: Missy,Sock,and Hash debate who's the leader.
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See it!Hear it!Episode Three: Smokemon gets a new character.
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