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        Becoming overly tired, being a workaholic.
        If you don't feel well physically, your thinking is apt to deteriorate.

2. Dishonesty

        Little lies, deceits and making excuses.

3. Impatience:

        Things not happening fast enough, others not doing what you think they should do when you think they should do it.

4. Argumentativeness:

        Arging small, ridiculous points of view, looking for excuses to get angry.

5. Depression:

        Unreasonable despair, staying stuck, giving up.

6. Frustration:

        When things are not going your way.

7. Self-pity:

        Why do these things happen to me?
        Why do I have these problems?

8. Cockiness:

        Thinking you have it made, forgetting to guard against the things that lead to emotional problems.

9. Complacency:

        Letting up on AA disciplines, getting lazy about recovery.

10. Expecting Too Much From Others:

        Expecting others to follow your script and to change because you have changed.

11. Skipping The Basics:

        Meetings, fellowship, meditation, prayer, personal inventory.

12. Chemicals:

        Using pills to ease tension.

13. Wanting Too Much:

        Expecting recovery overnight, over-emphasizing the material, concentrating on not having what you want rather than wanting what you have.

14. Forgetting Gratitude:

        Forgetting how things have improved since you first started.

15. "It Can't Happen To Me":

        Forgetting that emotional problems tend to be progressive, that we're all human, that recovery requires vigilance.

16. Omnipotence:

        Thinking you are all powerful, that you have everything under "control" ignoring suggestions and advice, having all the answers.