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Decorating by Design
What do we do?
We decorate Residential and commercial Inside and out. Basically if you've got
something and want it to change appearance, that's what we do. That's what
we are very good at doing,
Dead lines.....Love a challenge.  your reception aint as tidy as your competitors rest room?,
or your apartment needs a coat of paint or a restyle?, we're up for it....
We specialize in hanging wall coverings including hand prints and silks
Wall hangings, ceramics, Sculptures. Traditionally part of that corporate Image,
Check out the Arty Stuff portfolio.
Our client group Are a bunch of individuals, mostly gay, that require, a quality decorating
service. We respect there space and there life style
Our Ideal client? That would be some one who has seen our style and likes it,
and who wants something original, And lets us take over. But we are grown ups
and often life aint that simple is it ? If you're on a budget we can go from there.
D I Y? We can still help save some costly mistakes.
A one off consultation we can explain what procedures to use around the property, Where to hire equipment, and we can take over at the tricky parts.
Where are we. We are based in London UK. And much of our work is in London.
But its nice to get out of town and meet new people!.
We can offer an excellent rate on your holiday home.
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