Zodiac B-4040 CB-Radio

Zodiac M-4040 CB-Radio


VC1 10.240MHz Reference Frequency
L20 VCO Coil

L2 RF Input
L3 RF Input
L8 RF Mixer frequency
L4 IF 10.7MHz
L8 IF Mixer frequency 10.240MHz
L5 IF 455kHz
L6 IF 455kHz
L7 FM Discriminator (Demodulator)

VR4 Modulation

L21 10.240 MHz
L22 Transmitter
L23 Transmitter
L24 Transmitter
L25 Transmiitter
L26 Transmiitter
L27 Transmiitter
L28 Transmiitter
L31 Transmiitter
L33 Transmiitter
L34 Transmiitter


2SC2166 Finale Transistor
2SC2314 Driver Transistor
LC7131 PLL Frequency Synthesizer
TA7310P Oscillator, Mixer and Amplifier
NJM4558S Dual Operational Amplifier
TA7060P RF/IF Amplifier
TA7303P FM IF Amplifier and Discriminator
LA4201 Audio Power Amplifier