FM IF Amplifier


PLL Board


Main Board



Coverage mods
On backside of display unit there is a brown jumper wire near the large ribbon cable. Cut this jumper wire.
Turn radio on and set display for 12.345.6 and then turn radio off and then back on. This enables the general coverage mode and a GEN display will appears on at the top of the LCD display. It will now transmit between 1.5 and 30 MHz.


TDA2003H Audio Power Amplifier
MC3357P FM IF-Amplifier and Mixer
uPC1037H Duble Balanced Mixer
CX7925B Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer and Programmable divider
IR3M03A DC/DC Converter
M54459L 1/20, 1/100 High Speed Divider
M54563P 8-Unit 500mA Source Type Darlington Transistor Array with Clamp Diode
M54564P 8-Unit 500mA Source Type Darlington Transistor Array
M5218AL Dual Low-Noise Operational Amplifiers (Dual Power Supply Type)
M5223L Dual Single Power Supply Operational Amplifiers
SN16913P RF Mixer
2SC2166 Pre-Driver Transistor
2SC3133 Driver Transistor
2SC3240 Finale Transistor - 100 Watt - 30MHz - SSB