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HTML Helpy is a help authoring tool for Windows.

A help authoring tool is a program that lets you create your own Windows help files. HTML Helpy supports the new help format called "HTML Help" introduced with Win98.
What is HTML Help?
HTML Help is a help system based on HTML. This format has become the new standard for Windows help files. If you would like to see an example of what you can do with HTML Help, just press your START button and choose "Help...". This will bring up the help file that comes with newer versions of Windows.
If you have already downloaded and installed HTML Helpy, take a look at its help file, which has of course been created using HTML Helpy.

Who needs HTML Help(y)?
Although this program is intended for programmers and developers who would like to provide their users with a professional online documentation, HTML Helpy may also be "abused" for the publication of any kind of information (see my Elvis Lyrics Database). You may compile a handy and compressed version of your favourite holday pictures, your favourite HTML pages, lyrics, e-books, etc.

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Screenshot of a sample project:

The Elvis Lyrics Database created with HTML Helpy [Download].

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