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 HTML Helpy 1.1

This is the latest version of HTML Helpy.

 Sample Project: Complete Elvis Lyrics

I have compiled this HTML Help project for a friend of mine, the owner of one of the most established Elvis sites on the internet ( The project consists of 713 (!) project files, and it didn't take me any longer than half an hour to get it done with HTML Helpy. Don't try this with HTML Help Workshop ;-).
So, if you would like to see what you can do with HTML Helpy, or if you are a big Elvis fan like myself, I recommend downloading this smart "lyrics database".

  HTML Help Workshop (Microsoft)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using HTML Helpy, this program must be installed on your computer, since the compiler engine included in this package is required for creating HTML Help.
[Size: 3.34 MB]


Translated Manuals:
Spanish/French help manuals will be available for download soon.

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