Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Officers' Dress Uniforms

Light Artillery Officer Light Artillery Officer
Light Artillery Officer
Posterior View
Light Artillery Officer
Unknown Officer 5th Artillery
Courtesy: Bob Borrell

The posterior view of a field officier of light artillery in a dress uniform. He is wearing a shako or cap with a red plume. The cord, which secured the cap from getting away from a mounted man, can be seen looping under the right shoulder and attaching to the left side of the cap. Notice the four buttons on the skirt of the coat. The sword is a Model 1860 staff and field officers sword. The trousers are light blue with a red welt.

The photograph shows an unknown second lieutenant of the 5th Artillery from the front. The insignia are embroidered. The cord that secures the cap can clearly be seen. The epaulettes do not appear to have a grade device, but do have 5th artillery circlets. The date of the image is unknown, but should have been taken in the period 1860-1872.

Elements of the Uniform: Gloves, Epaulette, Buttons, Sash, Sword Belt, and Sword.

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