Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Officers and Enlisted Men's Sashes

Officer's Sash Artillery Officer
Officer's Sash
Artillery Officer Wearing Sash

Class Color
General Officers Buff
Medical Staff Green
Other Officers Crimson

Sashes were worn by both commissioned and some non-commissioned officers. They have a long history of use as an item of military dress and added an accent of color to the uniform. Non-commissioned officers authorized to wear the N.C.O. sword wore a red worsted sash under their sword belts. Sashes were sometimes wore by non-commissioned officers in the field as born out by clothing requisitions and period photographs. General Orders Number 286 of November 22, 1864 allowed officers not to wear sashes while serving in the field. No doubt they were rarely worn long before that date. A sash worn across the chest indictated that an officer was officer of the day.

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First Sergeant wearing acting officer of the day sash
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