Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Uniforms of Mounted Troops

Cavalry Corporal

Cavalry Corporal's Uniform

His uniform jacket corresponds to foot soldiers flock coats and was issued to mounted soldiers of cavalry or mounted artillery units. The jacket was first issued in 1854 and replaced frock coats for mounted enlisted men. However, its lineage can be traced to earlier 1833 pattern dragoon jacket. His hat is incorrectly illustrated as being looped up on the left side. The Regulations called for mounted men to be looped on the right (sword arm) side. On three occasions between 1858-1872 the regulations regarding looping were altered creating a confusing record when viewing period images. The well-known Quartermaster enlisted men uniform photographs show all looped left and were the model for this etching. He is wearing a carbine sling across the chest. The barrel of a carbine peeks from behind the right leg. His trousers have a one-half inch stripe down over the outer seam. His ankle boots are worn under his trousers, common practice in photographs taken in the field.

Elements of the Uniform: Hat Eagle, Hat Letter, Hat Number, Hat Branch Insignia, Shoulder Scales, Chevrons, Enlisted Buttons, Sword Belt Buckle,and Cavalry Saber.

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