Seabiscuit the famous race horse
A Commemorative Medal was made for the 40th Anniversary 1934-1974 honoring "Seabiscuit" winnings of
the Santa Anita Handicap
( won 1938 Hollywood Gold Cup)
SEABISCUIT was foaled 1933 in Kentucky - died 1947 in California and was a grandson of

Below is Seabiscuit's Grandfather: Man O' War
Man O' War famous racehorse

The Movie Horse as Seabiscuit

The horse playing the role of the racing horse Seabiscuit was one of his real life sons. "The story of Seabiscuit" film followed the life of Seabiscuit, some fictional parts added, from his early races to a dramatic broken leg that didn't stop him from later winning pretigious races. Shirley Temple celebrated her 21st birthday during filming.

Movie Horse
Shirley Temple
The Story of Seabiscuit Cast
Barry Fitzgerald, Movie Horse Seabiscuit,
Shirley Temple and Lon McAllister

"THE STORY OF SEABISCUIT" movie unveiling of the life size Seabiscuit statue at Santa Anita Park. It is a life-size bronze statue in the Santa Anita paddock gardens. National Museum of Racing, Saratoga Springs, NY also has a replica of the statue of Seabiscut. SHIRLEY TEMPLE, who starred in the movie can be seen at the far left of the photo. (below)

Shirley Temple and Movie horseSeabiscuit statue Santa Anita Race track

Shirley Temple Lon McAllister and the movie horse. (below photos)

Lon McAllister, Shirley Temple and movie horse Shirley Temple and movie horse

The life of Seabiscuit has previously been made into a film. Warner Brothers made The Story of Seabiscuit (1949) , a fictionalized drama starring Shirley Temple as the niece of Barry Fitzgerald, who played Seabiscuit's trainer. It included footage from actual races run by Seabiscuit. The Three Stooges made a comedy movie about them becoming owners of Seabiscuit, the "talking" horse, in "Even as I.O.U." (1942) Seabiscuit is now in "2002" again being remade into a new factual movie of this century. Universal Studios, has the latest version of the true story of Seabiscuit. Freelance author Laura Hillenbrand wrote the latest book about Seabiscuit and it is used as reference for the new movie. The screenplay is written by Eric Roth.

Books about Seabiscuit

"Seabiscuit: An American Legend"
by Laura Hillenbrand

Seabiscuit An American Legend book

The Saga of a Great Champion"
by B.K. Beckwith

"Come on Seabiscuit"
by Ralph Moody

Come on Seabiscuit book

Seabiscuit Collectables

horse racing board games

racing memoriabilia

Breyer Plastic and Hartland Horse Mold of Seabiscuit

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The Story of Seabiscuit (1949)
Legend of Seabiscuit 2001 movie

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